Homemade Laundry Product Cheat Sheet

I’ve had a few people lately ask me about my favorite homemade laundry products. Well, I’ve posted about a LOT of laundry products…and I like them ALL, or I wouldn’t have bothered to share them with you.

But, that being said, I do have a handful that I use on a regular basis that instead of just giving you a bunch of links for…I decided to make up a “Cheat Sheet” of sorts. To be honest, it’s something I can use as much as anyone! I’m always having to go back to the original posts to find the ingredients and amounts when it’s time to make a new batch of something. Not that that’s a BAD thing! 😉

So here is something I worked up that you can download and print out with all my go-to laundry product “recipes” on it (if you are so inclined.)  I hope some of you find it helpful. (I know I did!)


Jillee's Laundry Chart


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