Homeschool Planning And Record Keeping

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Keeping Homeschool Records

Keeping homeschool records is a topic of much debate. Many homeschoolers think the very idea of record keeping is too much like public school and reject the concept. However, I’d like to suggest a few reasons to keep records that a few you might not thought have thought of before.

Planning vs. Record Keeping

First, let me say that there is a difference between planning and record keeping. Most people think of planning in terms of lesson planning, much like public school teachers do. Public school teachers have to plan out their lessons to make sure they are covering all the educational points required by their state.

As homeschoolers we might be required to do something similar depending on which state we live in, but a lot of us (such as those of us here in Texas) are not required to turn in such plans.

Record keeping is usually recording things that colleges and technical schools require for proof that a person has mastered certain skills and usually consists of things like grades and transcripts.


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