How to Make a Wood Rocket Stove

Rocket stoves are efficient yet simple hot burning stoves that can either be purchased or simply made from common material. When someone says the phrase, you usually think of a stone or metal stove that functions much like a dakota fire pit, but in actuality the same invention can be created with mostly natural products.  According to a YouTube channel named CrazyRussianHacker, all you need 1) is a power drill and 2) a long log with a thick stump. Here are the steps:

1. Drill a hole, Take a break

As you drill deeper, you’ll feel that the job is getting harder and harder, but don’t worry. That just means there’s too much sawdust getting in the way – simply dump the log over and knock all the dust out. That way, you’re good to do some more drilling at a faster pace.

2. Drill your second hole

You should drill the hole about eight inches into the log. Once you’ve done this, simply measure how deep the whole is by placing your finger along the drill as it’s inside of it. Then, while keeping your finger on the spot you marked, align the drill along the outside of the log. That way you know where to drill the second hole. Drill at the furthest tip, so that the second hole aligns with the furthest point of the first hole.

3. Start a Fire and Have Fun

Purchase a fire starter cube and light it. As it’s lighting up, put it into the second hole that you made and before you know it, the log begins to smoke, making it an easy stove that’s not only fun to make, but eco-friendly.

Bonus Tip: If you blow into the second hole where the fire starter cube is, you’ll get a huge plume of fire out of the top of the stove!

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