How to Store Food in 5 Gallon Buckets


Storing your dry goods properly can mean the difference in food you can eat and food you can’t. Who wants to waste food right? Doing extensive research into these matters is very important. One of the biggest rookie mistakes in food storage is not learning what ways work effectively. You can throw a lot of money down the drain if you don’t do your homework.

Learn how to store food in 5 gallon buckets

ThePracticalPrepper will show us all how to store dry goods in a plastic bucket with Mylars bags and O2 absorbers. Step by step he will walk you through what you need to have as well as how to use it. The proper buckets, O2 Oxygen absorbers, and sealer are very important.

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how much you should store to keep your family fed. To help you with this I am providing you with access to a few different  Storage Calculators.

I hope this video will help you learn how to store what you have invested in so you can eat it for years to come.


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