How to Use Essential Oils As a Prepper

With a little help from my contacts at doTERRA, I’m going to touch on just what essential oils are, and the best way to make them part of your life as a prepper; whether for health, beauty, or simply as household products.

I’m not the best in the world when it comes to DIY I’ll be honest, but even I didn’t have any problems following the really simple tips doTERRA had. Keep on reading to learn some of their advice and become an expert with essential oils in no time. You’ll surprise your essential oil loving friends with your knowledge and use of essential oils.


Tip #1

The first tip I have for you is to heat certain essential oils on a stovetop, which quickly gets rid of smells from your kitchen including cooking smells. A kitchen smells delicious some of the time, but that doesn’t mean it happens all the time. Adding a few drops of clove, cinnamon, and cardamom, along with orange peel to a cup of water gives you a natural essential oil potpourri that makes you look impressive while smelling great. Just use a low heat to warm the water and rinse it out with soapy water when you’re finished, and your kitchen will smell amazing.

Tip #2

My second tip is to keep lemongrass oil by the bathtub, and mix it into your bath oil or bubble bath. This soothes your skin and leaves you feeling great, especially if you’re not feeling well. If you’re a shower person (or don’t have enough time for a full, relaxing bath), then just drip 5-10 drops of the shower floor during your shower. This causes it to evaporate upwards and fill the air, giving you the same benefits and a lovely smell.

Tip #3

The third tip for the prepper home is about lemon essential oil. This essential oil is an amazing ingredient for cleaning and refreshing counter tops. It can be added to store-bought counter sprays, or used to create your own by combining lemon essential oil with white vinegar, water, and hydrogen peroxide. Get rid of the harsh cleaning products packed with chemicals and replace them with the just-as-effective lemon essential oil.

Tip #4

My fourth tip is to diffuse eucalyptus or rosemary when everyone is feeling under the weather. These essential oils are great for cleansing and purifying. Rosemary is also good because it boosts your energy and focus, while eucalyptus has the added effects of helping clear breathing.

Tip #5

My fifth and final tip for you is to pour lavender in the top of an unscented candle. Lavender is something that is all over the place, sure, but there’s a good reason for this. That is because lavender is calming and invigorating at the same time. It helps you sleep while also making you more alert. It’s almost like taking a sedative that doesn’t make you sleepy. Following this simple DIY trick to creating your own scented candles also lets you avoid synthetic fragrances used in scented candles, which have been shown to cause health issues.


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