Hunt, Gather, Grow, Eat

Hunt, Gather, Grow, Eat
Jason Akers

You’re on your way home from work.  You have just been let go from your job.  As you drive, you know that your wife, who is on contract, is about to wind down her job as well.  You panic as you begin to think about how you are going to support your family.  How will you pay the bills?  How will you put food on the table?  What do you do?  If you’re Jason Akers, you depend on the skills and knowledge that you have gained since you were a child growing up: gardening, hunting and gathering.

Akers begins with a quick assessment of our threatened food supply and how dangerous it has become to succeed “responsibility” to others for our health and food.  He then introduces the reader to Permaculture and how it is “simply a collection of sustainable agricultural ideas put under one umbrella.”  Akers states that “Permaculture principles influence every section” of the book. Sidenote – I have heard others, like Jack Spirko of TSP say that Permaculture principles are relevant , to a point, in many other applications.

Hunt, Gather, Grow, Eat is divided into four major sections, as the title implies.  In hunting, Akers covers hunting, fishing and trapping.  The gathering chapter covers the basics and includes pictures, even a chart on leaf identification.  Gardening, the largest section of the book is pretty methodical about the subject.  Akers divides this section into inputs, processes and outputs.  Animal Husbandry and “Eat” round off the book.

My Thoughts

My initial thought when I started reading the book was, “where was this book when I started my journey into preparedness?”  At the core of what I believe about preparedness is the necessity of being self-sufficient, not acquiring gear.  I have come to the conclusion that no one could ever truly be self-sufficient, but we can make strides in working in community with others.  Aker’s book covers many of the skills needed to live that self-sufficient life, skills that I feel are lost to many of us living in the cities and who didn’t grow up hunting, fishing, gardening, etc…

For me, the chapters on hunting and gardening are invaluable.  These are two skills that I’m working to better myself in and I think Aker’s does a great job of providing a lot of information.  From firearms caliber and shooting techniques to saving seeds, etc.  You will appreciate Aker’s work.

As the editor of the PW, I have seen some of the things that Aker’s has written about in articles spread out over many different preparedness and outdoor websites.  But Aker’s book has it all compact in one book.  It is not the only book out there that you should have on your preparedness bookshelf, there isn’t just one period!  But it is one that you SHOULD have.

Hunt, Gather, Grow, Eat sells for $14.99.  Akers could easily charge double that!  You can purchase it from Amazon here – Hunt, Gather, Grow, Eat.

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  1. Urbivalist Dan September 25th, 2012 at 7:43 am

    Love this dude, but didn’t realize he was still active online!

    I used to follow when he was still posting to the “Hunt Gather Grow Eat” site.

    Then after he switched the posts got kinda thin–now I know why!

    I’ll have to check out the book and his recent posts. Thanks for the head’s up Todd…


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