I’m Out!

No, I’m not “Bugging Out” or “Getting Out of Dodge” yet! 🙂  I’m going out to the family property for a couple of days.  Last time I was up there, I had very sporadic cell phone coverage.  Which means that I won’t be able to post to the site.  But, if for some reason the wind is blowing just right and the stars have aligned correctly and the sun is at the right angle, I might get some internet action on the highest elevation of the property.  I’m also wondering if there are some places in town that might have access, if we decide to go in for dinner?

I have Thoreau’s Walden on my tablet.  So I’m thinking that when things settle down at night, I’ll do some reading.  If you’re interested, you can download it for free at Amazon.

If there are any cool pics to take, I’ll post them on the Facebook page.  If you haven’t liked the FB page, you can click here.

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Thanks for all your support!

Peace, Todd