(Infographic) Are We Headed for a Food Shortage?

The other day I was watching videos on YouTube, and I heard Joel Salatin say that the average age of American farmers is approaching 60 years old. He mentioned that when a Wall Street analyst values a company, one of the things they take into consideration is the average age of the company’s employees. And if the average age of a company’s employees is over 35, then the company is devalued because it is considered to be “in decline.”

Now, I don’t want to take anything away from older farmers and gardeners. I learned long ago that when a “mature” grower is talking, you better listen up! Nobody has more experience and knowledge than someone who has been practicing for decades – through droughts, hard winters, and a million trends that have come and gone. So, when a 60 year old farmer talks… I listen like they were E.F. Hutton.

But the point here is that aging farmers aren’t passing on their wisdom. Their land is often their retirement fund. So, rather than passing on their knowledge and land to the next generation, they cash out – selling the land to be subdivided and developed. Too often, this is their only option.

I was searching around for more information when I came across this infographic. Turns out, we’re losing family farms and farmers quicker than you might think. And when you add in population growth – it paints a scary picture. Check it out…

Also check out Tasha Greer’s article Are You Prepared for Peak Chicken? – Tasha talks about the problem of food security, but more importantly, she proposes 3 practical changes we can make to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


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