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I like the concept of EDC (Everyday Carry), it just makes sense.  I like reading about what others are carrying and reflecting to see if I would carry that item.  From Altoids tins to big key rings, there are some cool setups out there.  But I have a problem.  I hate things in my pocket!  I have a setup that works for me as far as certain gear items go, but some things that I ALWAYS have are a pocket knife and some sort of flashlight.

Up until recently, I have been satisfied with my current key chain flashlight. It provided enough light and was nice and flat.  However, it didn’t take long for the connection from the flashlight to the key ring to fail.  This isn’t something that you want to happen!

Enter the Inova STS Microlight.  STS stands for swipe to shine.  I’ve been carrying this little key ring flashlight for 2 weeks and I’m very impressed.

The flashlight has 4 functions.  Swiping it from left to right will turn it on at a full 16 lumens.  I’ve done this showing it off to co-workers and accidentally shined it in their eyes.  They noticed it!  Swiping the STS again will take the flashlight to a low beam at 2 lumens.  Swiping yet again will cause the STS to flash, perfect to get someone’s attention in an emergency situation.  The fourth function is a dimmer.  Holding the swipe area will cause the light to dim to a brightness that you are comfortable with.

The light runs on two 2032 Lithium batteries.  On high, you should get about 9 hours of run time and on low, 64 hours.  The flashlight is waterproof and has an impact resistance of 2 meters.

IMAG0306For me, with my experience of my previous flashlight failing at the key chain, the biggest selling point was the construction of the connection from the light to the keyring.  The hole for the key chain is built into the light, it’s not an afterthought.  The connection to the key ring is in the form of an s-biner clip.  I don’t see the connectors as a point of failure.

The Inova STS Microlight has a no worries guarantee.  From the STS instructions, “We use only the highest quality materials and designs, but it doesn’t change the fact that some things – LEDs, rechargeable batteries, switches – don’t last forever.  We’ll replace those for the first three years and we got your back on everything else for as long as you own the flashlight, no worries.”

The STS costs $11.99 and comes in blue, smoke, orange and olive colors.

I recommend the Inova STS Microlight for EDC.

To purchase your Inova STS Microlight –> click here.


Microlight STS

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  1. Michelle October 6th, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    I have seen those before, not a bad idea.

    You know, you guys should review this prepper/survivalist card game, I bought it to play with some friends and was blown away by the amount and depth of the discussions that originated from playing a round of it…check this out. It opened up the hard emotional questions after a SHTF situation, it was intense!


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