Inspire Those Around you to Start Prepping

Do you know the one question that always comes up? Do you know the biggest struggle that preppers face outside of money in our little niche?

It’s the struggle of getting those around us to take preparedness and survival as passionately as we do!

Getting Family Inspired

We are inspired people and our passion manifests itself in some weird ways. Unfortunately, that passion doesn’t always translate to those we are closest to. I will come right out and say it, that’s a big problem. Emergency preparedness is a serious part of any American’s life. What’s most terrifying is how easily we ignore the signs.

  • ·         Civil Unrest
  • ·         War
  • ·         School Shootings
  • ·         Financial Disasters
  • ·         Backwoods Emergencies
  • ·         Natural Disasters

These are all things that make headlines. I know we like to bash the mainstream media, but these are all stories that are likely being reported on right now. We get plenty of warning about the potential of these situations and yet many Americans take no action.

So, the question that comes up, invariably, is something along these lines, “How do I get my (wife, kids, husband, Mom, Sister) to start paying attention and taking action?”

Over the last several years we have generated a number of responses to this question. You know, the answer is always going to be unique to the situation but one of these 4 answers almost always helps the situation.

Get Outside

A quarter of Americans spend almost an entire 24 hours without going outside and downplay the negative health effects of only breathing indoor air, according to a new survey claiming a new “indoor generation.”

It is a sad but very true realization that we all must face. As a whole America is getting fatter, slower and less active. Its gotten so bad that I just heard Tim Kennedy, Army Special Forces Green Beret, talking about how the army special forces are struggling to find recruits.

The people aren’t smart enough, they are on drugs and they are obese. Those were the basics of his message.

While you do not need to push people into the adventure class where they are hiking the Rockies, just getting away from technology and getting outside more often is a great way to start. Outside you can learn about the natural world. The power of trees as a four-season resource, how the wildlife can feed you and what you can create from the natural world around you.

Take a Class

The issue with just getting outside and hoping for the best is that it takes time. If you have time, then take it. There is no better way to spend a life than walking alongside the people you love.

That said, if you are looking for a fast track to inspiring those around you, you need to sign them up for a class. All over this nation there are survival schools and wilderness schools that are teaching people all sorts skills. Imagine bringing the family, or that person you are looking to inspire to prepare, to any number of classes like these:

  • Urban Escape and Evasion
  • Bushcraft 101
  • Land Navigation
  • Foraging Wild Foods
  • Medicinal Herbs in the Wild
  • Primitive Blacksmithing
  • Wilderness Shelter Building
  • Wilderness Tool Making
  • Urban Survival Skills

These are just examples of courses that are laid out all over the nation. While I have been writing and studying preparedness for nearly a decade I am never more inspired than after taking one of these classes. It’s a serious departure from the monotony of life and the hands-on opportunity can really get people into what they are doing.

Buy Them a Kit

Sometimes the right purchase can change everything. You have to be very careful about buying preps for the people you love. You have to be thoughtful. If you offer them something too terrifying and garish, like a gas mask or an urban tactical survival kit, they are going to be put off immediately. That’s just the reality.

I have spent a long time looking over survival kits and I have found the perfect gift that is just the right amount of survival and the right amount of practicality. Its called the MHA Bushkrafter by WB BushKraft. The kit contains over 15 essential survival items and has you covered

• First Aid
• Shelter
• Fire
• Water
• Foraging

It comes with a great custom 1000D nylon cordura carrier that can be worn around your waist. This kit wasn’t built for the apocalypse, though it would be a great kit to address the issues therein. The MHA Bushkrafter was designed with inspiration from a man who actually blazed the Appalachian Trail. Myron H. Avery was an Appalachian Trail pioneer and from his journal the MHA Buskrafter was born.

Find a New Hobby

• GeoCaching
• Drone Flight
• Rock Climbing
• Kayaking

If the people around you are terrified of traditional outdoors i.e. hunting, fishing, camping than you can look for a hobby that is outside the realm of that tradition. Today, we have so many options, but we are always looking for the quick and easy fix.

While the activities above may even be foreign to you, that could be a good thing! Maybe you’re a bit of a know-it-all and the family doesn’t want to hear your preparedness talk for that reason.

What if you started a new hobby together. What if it was something that you and your loved ones could learn about? Flying drones and searching for geocaches has a direct links to things like urban survival intelligence and burying emergency caches. If you start rock climbing or kayaking, you are merely adding a new skill to your list while drilling in the importance of dominating and appreciating the natural world.

Prepping is a Journey

Prepping has nothing to do with a tv show or a lofty assumption. Prepping is a journey. It’s a river and it has many tributaries. If you enjoy the journey of preparedness you will likely find yourself in a situation where you have a tremendous amount of opportunity. Just from the springboard of prepping you could find yourself

  • And many, many more things
  • Using Essential Oils
  • Training
  • Homesteading
  • Relocating
  • Planning Permaculture
  • Gardening
  • Training in Firearms
  • Using Herbal Medicines
  • Preserving
  • Fishing
  • Trapping
  • Hunting

If you are just attempting to store food and water, you are doing this prepping thing all wrong. Enjoy the community and enjoy the ride. More importantly, use the methods I have outlined above to bring someone on for the ride.


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