Giveaway & Interview with R.P. Ruggiero, author of Brushfire Plague

Reading survival fiction is  a great way to reflect and  think about scenarios that our normalcy bias prevents us from pursuing.  Those of us who love to read in this genre have another book to read, learn from, reflect on, look at things from another perspective…

Brushfire Plague is a work by R.P. Ruggiero and released by Prepper Press.  To get your curiosity going, here is a little synopsis:

When a virulent plague erupts across the globe, Cooper Adams faces a daily battle for survival as society unravels at a dizzying pace. As he organizes his neighbors for self-defense and strives to save those around him, he soon discovers the first clues about the origin of the plague that is killing untold millions around the world. In his pursuit to learn the truth, Cooper must combat looters, organized gangs, and those protecting the Brushfire Plague’s secrets. When his son falls ill, his search to uncover the plague’s origin and a possible cure transforms into a race against time. Ultimately, Cooper faces a paralyzing choice between exposing what he has learned with potentially shattering consequences, or abetting a horrible secret and giving his nation a chance to recover and rebuild.

Below, you will find some questions and answers with the author, R.P. Ruggiero.  After reading the questions and answers, use the comments to answer the question, “How prepared are you for a pandemic” and enter to win a copy of Brushfire Plague.

Q:  What’s the basic story outline in Brushfire Plague?

A:  A virulent plague breaks out.  It’s like nothing ever seen before; both in its rate of contagion and morbidity.  People do start dropping like flies.  The outbreak is worldwide.  Against this backdrop, Cooper Adams who is your average guy—a travelling salesman, actually—must step up and organize his neighbors to defend themselves from the escalating violence and chaos.  He soon gets the first clues that maybe the Brushfire Plague—so named for how fast it moves—wasn’t just some fluke of nature.  So, he starts tracking those clues down—as the situation deteriorates all around him.  He and his neighbors are confronted with tough decisions and tense discussions along the way.  In the end, Cooper’s son Jake falls ill and his search transforms into a race against time.  What he learns about the Plague forces him to confront a horrible choice between hiding it and giving our country a chance to recover or telling the world the truth about he’s learned, with possible horrendous consequences.

Q:  What made you write this book?

A:  First of all, I’ve always been a fan of this genre.  Since I was a kid, I enjoyed apocalyptic fiction.  I would read anything I could get my hands on, from Alas, Babylon to Planet of the Apes to I am Legend.  I have simply always been fascinated with how civilization might end.  Second, in the last few years, as ‘survivalist’ or ‘prepper’ fiction has developed, I have read here as well, both for entertainment as well as learning some useful lessons about my own preparations.  Finally, I wrote this book because I wanted to focus on how society might be upended and also to focus on how a group of people would deal with it.

Q: Can you say more about that?

A:  Sure.  Almost every time I have read apocalyptic fiction that takes place after a society has collapsed, I want to know:  what were the first days and weeks like?  Brushfire Plague takes place entirely within the first few weeks of the outbreak.  So, that’s a very interesting period of time to think about, write about, and plan for!  Then, very few of these books focus on the group dynamics in this kind of situation.  It’s too common for the protagonist to be a tough guy and everyone else does what he wants or he kills them!  I think that’s very unrealistic.  I think it helps make a great story and can provide some useful things to think about; if you ever have to deal with this kind of situation.  I believe group dynamics will be key to survival.

Q:  What are your qualifications to write this book?

A:  First, I hope readers will agree I’m a decent writer!  With a work of fiction, I think the ability to tell a good story, with real and engaging characters is paramount.  I think your readers will be pleased with the quality of the writing.  Also, I’m an avid reader in this genre so I’m very familiar with it.  Second, my day job is one where I work with groups of people, often under extreme stress.  I bring that knowledge of people and group dynamics to good use in Brushfire Plague.  Finally, I know enough about firearms, basic tactics, and being prepared to build in real, credible lessons into the book.

Q:  Why should someone buy your book over the other offerings out there?

A:  I think my book brings a lot to this genre.  So far, it’s been received well by a wide spectrum of readers—from those unfamiliar with this genre to those who read everything in this genre to hard-core survivalists.  I believe the writing is strong, the characters are engaging, and the story is fast-paced and really pulls the reader in.  My favorite feedback so far has been, “Your book made me think I needed some more canned goods and learn how I might defend myself!” That shows impact on the reader.  I also think Brushfire Plague can be the perfect way to introduce a reluctant spouse, friend, or family member into this genre and bring them a greater awareness to the need to be better prepared.

Q:  What are you proudest of in Brushfire Plague?

A:  Boy, that’s a tough one.  I’m pretty happy with lots of different aspects of Brushfire.  But, I’d have to say that the emotional connection readers have passed on to me that they’ve made with various characters:  from Cooper Adams, the protagonist, to Paul Dranko, his survivalist friend, to Cooper’s son, Jake.  This has me proudest I guess.  If readers don’t connect to the story and its characters, nothing else really matters, you know?

Q:  Do you call yourself a ‘Prepper’ or a ‘Survivalist’?

A: You know, I hate labels.  I just consider myself to be doing what every responsible father and every American should be doing.  I’m prepared for a variety of situations that could arise where I might have to take care of my family when ‘normal’ life has been disrupted.  I think of what I do as being no different than buying fire insurance.  I’m not prepared for everything…I can’t afford it! But, I feel like I’m just being responsible.

Q:  What’s your favorite firearm?

A:  This won’t surprise anyone who has read Brushfire Plague already!  My rifle of choice is the FN FAL.  My favorite pistol is the M&P series by Smith and Wesson; in .357SIG.  To be honest, the M&P is the first pistol that I can actually fire accurately!

Q:  If you could do one thing differently with Brushfire Plague, what would that be?

A:  That’s easy, I would have had 100,000 copies pre-ordered!  Seriously, while I’m pretty happy with it, there were a few characters I wish I had spent a few more pages on.  But, I plan to rectify that in the sequel!

Brushfire Plague can be purchased in paperback or for the Kindle @ Amazon.  Click Here.

Question for the Contest: How prepared are you for a pandemic?  Answer in the comment section below.  A winner will be chosen on Tuesday, August 28, 2012.  Good luck!

6 responses to Giveaway & Interview with R.P. Ruggiero, author of Brushfire Plague

  1. Tim August 25th, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    I have very little for a pandemic. Mostly cleaning supplies.

  2. Mimi August 26th, 2012 at 9:21 am

    I don’t think we can prepare fully for every senerio – for a “pandemic” I have masks, collodial silver, plus a machine to make it, DMSO, DE, silver compounds, water filter system, filled first aid kit, food system that would feed 13 for at least a year (this is my immediate family) and guns and ammo to protect us, if necessary. I keep prepping every week adding to what I have in store.

  3. Will August 26th, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    I have a few surgical masks and some nitrile gloves. Not as much as I should have, especially for my kids.

  4. sue August 27th, 2012 at 12:31 am

    ive gotten about everything you can get for basic 1st aid. ive got good masks, and gloves, sanitizer, soaps, vitamins. im working on getting seeds to make some herbal helpers. ive got a water filtration system. actually im fairly well stocked up on 1st aid. went thru it today, and was surprised at the amount ive gotten. i also have a fair amount of food that is put up and am dehydrating lots of fruits, greens for vitamin content. never really going to be ready for that. the only way you could is if you were very well to do with lots of money. wish i had colloidal silver. thats on my list. but theres only so much you can do, as money is very tight. the only reason ive got what i do is from someone hitting my vehicle, and used insurance money. i felt it was that important. disabled do to back injury so not real good in the funds dept. oh, 2nd day on the patch to quit smoking. hopefully that will help for pandemic, as i may have a higher resistance, especially if its a respiritory thing. good luck on your book. sounds very interesting. will try to purchase it soon. maybe ill get it for my birthday.

  5. Howard August 28th, 2012 at 3:16 am

    Don’t forget to stock up on your fish antibiotic, it is the same as for humans

  6. Todd - Prepper Website August 29th, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Random # Generator chose # 4. Sue is the winner! Congratulations.