It is imperative to stock up on these!

So the buzz about food storage is making it’s way through the grape vine and everyone who is or has lost confidence in our economy and our system in general has found their comfort in preparing for hard times. There are laws and rights changing faster than I can flip a pancake on our traditional Sunday breakfast and I can’t even keep up with the stock market. Needless to say that I, like so many others are looking to put in place a buffer between whatever sort of curve ball life is going to throw at us. Our uncertainties aren’t just related to the economy, but most are. There are also fears of natural disasters, job loss, inflation and whatever the heck they are adding to our food sources lately! Whatever the fear may be we all share the common goal of providing what is best for our families and to strive for self reliance.

Which leads me to sharing this next topic with you, NON FOOD STORAGE. For some of us this is hard because we aren’t drawn to the non food items because food and water storage is such an eminent subject. Well, it is just as important and many of the items you should be storing in your non food storage will enable you to cook and consume the food that we are so fixated on. If you are new to preparing for your family, use this list to get started. If you are at the half way mark to feeling fully confident that you are prepared for your family, then enjoy comparing with me. If you are an expert on preparing, and are fully confident with your supply, then please share your thoughts and tell me what is needed for me to get there. Here is a list of the items I have in my non food storage:

Side bar-Ammo and guns is a whole different article I will go into later

Liquid Soap
Rubbing Alcohol

Toilet Paper
Lamp Oil
Candle Wax
Propane Gas

Light Bulbs
Sanitary Women Supplies
Hand Sanitizer
Hydrocortozone Cream
Liquid Advil
72 (hour kits) see bug out bags post
Food storage buckets
Gamma Lids
Mylar bags
Garden seeds
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Paper Plates
Paper cups
Garbage bags
Sun block
Insect repellants
All camping gear
Charcoal and Lighter fluid
Pepper Spray
Mouse traps
Plywood and Building Materials
Hand Can Opener
Hand Crank Wheat Grinder
Duct Tape
Non Electric Tools
Canning lids, jars ect..
Fabric, patterns, needles, thread ect..
“How to” books


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