Kale, Plant once harvest spring to fall.

I planted my kale in the early spring, planted a dozen seeds. I have been harvesting kale from those dozen plants all summer and now into fall. I know most folks are used to buying from the store where you pick up a whole kale plant. But if you grow your own you can just cut the leaves and let the plant keep producing.
Here are my plants today right before I cut all the leaves.

What you do instead of cutting down the entire plant is you leave the bottom 1 or 2 leaves and cut all but the very tip of the plant. As you do this all summer and through fall you end up with kind of a long stalk, like this.

Today made the 18th time I have harvested my kale this year. Pretty darn good amount of kale from  a pinch  of seeds eh?
This was the first time I have tried this method of cutting only the leaves and I like it. Next year I will plant more so I can freeze more. I have about 3 gallon size freezer bags but I would like more for the winter.


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