Living in a Van – And Liking It?

Most of us aren’t thinking of living in a van for survival. With our families securely at home and plans to shelter in place, it’s the last thing on our minds.


But isn’t it the way of catastrophes and turmoil to force us into that which seems abnormal to us now? And aren’t we preparing for things to be different than they are at present?

Believe it or not, some are choosing to live in vans. It’s not always a last resort for the down and out homeless.

Below are a couple of videos featuring individuals who live in vans and like it. They’ve customized their vehicles to make them as homey as possible.

Organization and efficiency are key. And the Vagabloggers featured in the first video have it down to a science.

A family might want an RV or pickup with a camper shell. Is this something you’d consider? Why or why not?


Is it possible that those who are already living on and off the road have a survival edge? Remember, think survival. Think the unthinkable.

View more about living in a van here.


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