May 2014 – Are We Crazy or What?

Well, after a short hiatus, the Prepper Website Featured Website of the Month is back!  This month, we feature, Jennifer from Are We Crazy or What?  Jennifer posts original content on her blog.  Articles cover a wide variety of articles from prepping, gardening and homeschooling.  She also hosts her own podcast.  Take a moment to read Jennifer’s answers to the FWOTM’s questions and then visit her website for some great articles and information!


Summarize the focus and purpose of your website.Are We Crazy, Or What? focuses on suburban homesteading, prepping, survival, and homeschooling with an emphasis on self-reliance.


What made you decide to start a website? – I wanted to create an online reference written by someone who had actually lived a self-reliant lifestyle. When I was researching and learning how to live a self-sufficient lifestyle I couldn’t really find anyone who had a website that had all the things I wanted to learn. The sites that I did find were written by people who lived on farms. I wanted stuff written by people who lived in the suburbs doing their best with what they had so I could get ideas about how to deal with the limitation of not living on a large plot of land.


How long have you run your website? – I’ve been blogging for over two years. For the first year my blog was more personal and just about me and my family. I also didn’t focus on preparedness. Then I decided to write for other people and not just myself to build that online reference I was talking about.


How much time do you spend dedicated to your website? – I spend more than 30 hours a week. I would really like to turn my website and podcast into a business. I have plans for some videos and a lot more posts on a ton of different topics. However, I’m very selective about working with brands and products so I’m taking my time. I want to get it right when I decide to endorse a product.


What is one thing you really like about your website? – I like the way it is organized and that you can easily search on any topic. I’ve really worked hard on tagging my posts. When I’m searching for something on the site, going directly to the search feature is the fastest way for me to find something, as opposed to searching for a post or picture on my own computer.


What is one thing that you want to change about your website? – The load time. My site has a ton of picture tutorials and sometimes those take a minute to load. Hopefully, I’ll be working on optimizing my site for speed in the not so distant future


Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows. – I’m the worst speller on the face of the earth! My husband has to proof read all of my posts. Even with spell check I still have problems. I’m just a bit too old to have been diagnosed with a slight learning disability, but if I were in school today I have no doubt I would have some diagnoses.


Other than your site, what is your favorite non-preparedness websites to visit? – Currently I love following Matt Walsh, I think he is a super talented writer. Also, I follow a plant based diet so I follow a lot of vegan and vegetarian blogs. One of my favorites is the No Meat Athlete.


Do you have anything (projects, special posts, redesign) in store for the future of your website? – I am planning on doing some videos soon. I don’t have an exact date but I can tell you that is my next major project. I just redesigned my site last year so I think I will stick with the current look of Are We Crazy, Or What? for at least another year. I have lots and lots of post coming!


What were the three books you last read? (Be honest) – I recently reread the Jakarta Pandemic by Steven Konkoly for a podcast series. Then I just finished reading Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and I’m currently reading the Crash Course by Chris Martenson.


What would you like to say to readers at the Prepper Website? – Over the last year or so I have dealt with a lot of readers and other bloggers in the preparedness community and I have to say that these folks are the most helpful, knowledgeable, and genuine folks I’ve ever met. So I would say, “Thank You!”


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