Must-Have Energizing Foods For Survival Situations

Whether prepping is a simple hobby or a lifestyle for you and your family, you’ll need to know which foods to pack for maximum health value.

When choosing these foods, energy should be the top priority — particularly if you aren’t sure when your next meal will be.

Below I’ll explain a few must-have foods for you to look into if you’re wanting to stock up on the nutrients that’ll serve you well.

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is excellent for preppers because they’re packed with essential nutrients and also last a long time.

For instance, as long as you keep your coconut oil sealed up and protected from extreme temperatures, your coconut oil can easily last a year or more.

Typically, as long as it’s not turning strange colors or giving off smells, your coconut oil should be good to go.

One of the main reasons that coconut oil is an excellent food to add to your preppers inventory is because it provides you with healthy fats and calories that sustain you and curb your appetite.

From a nutrient standpoint, coconut oil is known as a superfood because it contains fatty acids like capric acid and lauric acid. Adding coconut oil to your meals or simply eating spoon fulls gives you plenty of brain-healthy nutrients, lowers your cholesterol, and helps you deal with inflammation-related problems.

The fatty acids in coconut oils help you to build muscle and sustain all of your bodily processes.

2. Organic Honey

Organic honey is yet another power food that people can use to get healthy servings of countless vitamins and nutrients.

For example, honey has 22 amino acids and a whopping 5,000 enzymes.

You’ll be able to store honey virtually forever to enjoy the immeasurable health benefits that it has. For example, it can help you to deal with allergies and respiratory issues, while also building up your immune system.

Honey is useful for digestive health and also naturally produces melatonin, which is a health aid that gives you complete sleep cycles. This, along with the fact that honey is packed with natural sugars that give you a boost of energy, you’ll never be dragging around as you go throughout your day.

3. Lentils

Whether you prefer green lentils or red lentils, these are packed with energy giving nutrients that’ll help you stay healthy and strong.

For instance, lentils are packed with fiber that helps you to digest your food and make better use of the energy they provide. Protein makes up the bulk of the calories found in lentils, which means you’ll be building healthy lean muscle, while also staving off hunger.

These lentils burn slowly, which means that you’ll have energy to get you throughout your day, regardless of your metabolism speed. They’re also great for your heart health and blood circulation, which is aids in brain health and mental function.

Best of all, uncooked lentils can be kept for a year or more without spoiling, which is perfect for preppers.

If you pack away these three foods, you’ll be good to go with any prepper setup.


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