My Off-Grid Water Solution

EarthstrawUPDATE (7/2/14) – I uploaded a video to Youtube – My EarthStraw Install.  To view it – CLICK HERE!

UPDATE (6/22/14) – I will have my own video up in the next week with my experiences with EarthStraw!  But I will just say right now, I’m glad I have one!

When my dad told me that he had purchased land in East Texas, I was really excited! I missed the days when I was a kid, when the family would spend the weekend, and during the summer, weeks in our home away from home in Palestine, Texas! I couldn’t wait to get out there and breathe in some fresh air and I was thrilled to have a place that we could go to if we ever needed to get out of dodge.

After dad purchased the property, I reminded him that the most important thing that was needed was a water well. Dad had a well drilled, but I was always uneasy about it. You see, the property is completely off-grid. When we go up there, we use a generator to pump water. Of course, we have redundancies, but it still wasn’t enough for me. Eventually, generators break down and fuel is expended. If we were ever in a situation where we couldn’t fix the generator or we ran out of fuel, we were going to be hurting!

My uneasiness subsided greatly when I was contacted by the makers of the Earthstraw! The Earthstraw is a highly mobile and most importantly, affordable solution to my family’s off-grid water needs.

The Earthstraw consists of a tube that goes down your existing well casing, attaches to a hand pump, attaches to the well head and is ready to go. The installation is so simple that a 10 year old could do it!

The Earthstraw can exist alongside your electrical pump and can be installed permanently or it can be put up and deployed in emergency situations.

One of the most important factors of the Earthstraw is that is can draw up water that is at a static water level of 150′!!!

To see how easy the Earthstraw deploys, watch this video, you’ll be amazed!


Like I said before, you can deploy the Earthstraw permanently or have it ready for emergency situations. Earthstraw has created well caps with grippers that will work with your existing well. The company has thought of everything!

If you live on well water, this product is a must have! Prepper or not, if you are dependent on well water and you run into an emergency where your pump breaks down, the grid goes down, your generators stop working or you run out of fuel, you will be glad you have this!

Because I believe in this product so much, I have partnered with Earthstraw to offer it at a 5% discount! All you have to do is enter in the code “prepweb” during checkout to receive your discount. Click here to visit the Earthstraw store.

But, if you need some more info. here are some answers to frequently asked questions from the Earthstraw website that can help.


Can EarthStraw be stored for emergencies? Yes. It was engineered to coil up in a small space with a “forever” shelf life. It was also designed to be lightweight and easy to install in a few minutes by one person. Add an EarthStraw well cap to your casing, and drop the pump in when you need it.

Can EarthStraw be installed Permanently also? Yes. We supply EarthStraw mounting accessories for any well configuration. When installed permanently, we recommend that you store the removable handle inside to discourage tampering.

Will it work in any well? As long as the depth to water is 150 feet or less, and you have clearance for the thin, flexible 7/8″ down-pipe the answer is “yes”. There are some challenging situations, but very, very few that are a problem for EarthStraw.

Does it have freeze protection? Yes it does. It’s comes from the factory with weep-down system that automatically drains the top 7 feet of water after pumping. This is usually enough, however, moving the weep hole to drain down 10 or 12 feet is very easy to do.

Can the EarthStraw be removed and stored after use? Easily! A 100′ system weighs 17 lbs dry. When full of water after pumping it is still light enough to pull out out of the well, drain the water like you would a hose, then recoil and store.

How long should my system be? Longer is better. Try to get within 10-15 feet of the bottom of the well. The water is usually cleaner, and going deeper you will provide a larger reservoir and more drought protection. As long as you can reach the water, you can pump it.

Can I relocate EarthStraw to a shallower well? Yes. You may want to purchase a “length adjustment kit” which will allow you to shorten the system if necessary. In an emergency you can partially insert a system which is too long for the well, and stroke it sideways for water.

Why is it so Inexpensive? Will it last? The real question is why other systems are so expensive. EarthStraw has been engineered for durability and has been tested at one-million strokes, at double the warranted lift height of 150 feet.

Is it drinking water safe? Yes. All of the materials and components are made from drinking water safe polymers. All of our fittings and machined components specify the highest grades of brass and stainless steel.

Is EarthStraw a Pressure pump? Yes. It is a double-stroking, piston driven pressure pump system. It will pump water from the well into an elevated tank, but the EarthStraw was not designed with the fittings required to pressurize a home plumbing system.

How much water will EarthStraw pump? It is human powered so the gallons per minute will depend on the well depth and the pumping speed of the person at the handle. You can easily produce a gallon and a half per minute. About the same as average water saver faucet.

The most affordable hand pump water well solution!

The most affordable hand pump water well solution!

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