No Rinse Products

No Rinse Products

When I was contacted by Clean Life to review their line of No Rinse products, I immediately knew that I could put these products through a tough test!  I told their representative that during Spring Break I was going to be up at my dad’s property for a few days, working and cleaning up.   My dad’s property is off-grid (click here for more pics).  We don’t have electricity or county water.  The water is brought up from a deep well and is super cold!  Even in mid-Summer, when you are hot and sweaty, the water to take a shower is ice cold!  So I knew that we wouldn’t be taking showers on this trip…not when the temperature ranged from the low 40’s to the mid 70’s.  Again, this was the perfect time to put the No Rinse products to a REAL test.

The first product that I tried was the shampoo cap.  The cap looks like a shower cap thShampoo Capat an old lady would wear in the shower.  However, it was a lot thicker and you could feel that it was wet or squishy inside.  I put it on and started massaging it into my hair.  I would say that I have medium length hair, because it is not shaved down, so I massaged the shower cap into my hair for 3 minutes.  After massaging the cap into my hair, the directions then called to towel dry.  After, I would say that my hair smelled and felt clean.  It even felt like I had put on some conditioner, but I’m a guy and stuff so I don’t know too much about that! 😉  After I used the shampoo cap, everyone else opened up a package to try it.  They all agreed that it was an awesome productBathing Wiipes.

The second product that I tried was the No Rinse Bathing Wipes.  The directions state that you should use one for your face and neck, one for your left arm, one for your right arm, etc…  I didn’t do that.  I used one for my upper body and one for my lower body.  The Bathing Wipes work on ALL your parts!  If you check out the link of my trip, you will see a before and after picture (click here).  Everyone tried the Bathing Wipes too.

One thing that you might not be able to tell in the pic is that I have plenty of cuts from clearing out some brush with a ton of nasty thorny vines.  After being out there all day, the blood had dried on top of me being dirty.  The Bathing Wipe cleaned up the dried blood as well as the dirt.

After I had cleaned up with the Bathing Wipes, I didn’t put on deodorant.  Things were good to the next morning when we started cleaning and packing up.  I had a sweatshirt on and after a while of moving around, I started reeking!  I mean….it was bad!  The kids were staying away from me.  I had one clean shirt left, so I waited till we were ready to go and used a Bathing Wipe.  The Bathing Wipe worked like a charm!  I was able to get clean, lose the B.O. and put on deodorant.  I use one of those rock salt deodorants so they don’t have any scent to mask smells.  No one could complain that I smelled on the three hour trip home!

We also used their anti-bacterial foam.  I use a lot of this stuff being in the schools and stuff.  One thing about the various anti-bacterial gels we use is that they sometimes leave you feeling sticky.  I didn’t experience that with the No Rinse Anti-Bacterial Gel.

Clean Life also sells No Rinse Body Wash and Shampoo in various sized containers.  You don’t have to use the wipes or cap, you can use your own towel.

I can’t stress enough that I believe this is a worthy product for anybody going off-grid or in some sort of disaster and desiring to stay clean.  Everyone can easily stash one or more of these products in their bug out bag, survival kit, etc…

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