Paracord Sandals

In a pinch, you can make your own shoes from paracord and a rubber show base:

Huarache running sandals have existed for thousands of years. They were refined and made popular by the famous long distance running tribe of Mexico’s Copper Canyon – the Tarahumara Indians. The Book, Born to Run, re-introduced the world to these superhuman running athletes and the primitive sandals they run in.  Below are instructions for using modern day rubber shoe soles and lacing to create a high tech version of the huarache running sandal.

All Materials and Instructions from

Tools Needed

– Hammer
– Scissors
– Box cutter
– Paper & Pen
– 120 Grit Sand Paper
– 4mm Diameter Hole punch
– Lighter or Match
– Chalk

Materials Needed

– Rubber Sole Material (Vibram Newflex used)
– 12ft Nylon Paracord,  6ft for Each foot

Non DIY Options:

Step 1: Tracing Feet on Paper

1. Hold pen or pencil perpendicular to paper and trace along the edge of your foot.
(Tip) Try not to bump into your ankles.

2. Mark just in front of where your ankle bone for side hole placement on your sandal.

3. Mark the beginning of the gap between your big toe and second toe (holding pencil perpendicular to paper). This mark will be where you make the thong strap hole.

Step 2: Determining Sandal Shape

1. Once finished tracing your feet go back and add buffer zones – to add material to the sandal edges. Create and draw in the final sandal shape that you will ultimately use with a dotted line.

Tips for creating a good sandal shape from your foot tracing:

– Have buffer area in front of your toes.

– Cut out and exclude some of the arch area where you do need extra material.

– Exclude foot features that do not actually touch the ground (e.g. bunions).

– Keep sandal heel wide enough for side holes and straps

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