Lessons from the Preparedness Community

Preparedness Community


The Preparedness Community is filled with a ton of great people who have a wide range of experiences.  And although these experiences are varied, we can all learn from the insights that these experiences provide.  Preppers who can, share their experiences through writing articles, creating videos and producing podcasts.  But there are preppers out there who don’t feel comfortable sharing on a regular basis. Nonetheless, they have stories that provide prepper lessons for the community to learn from.


Prepper Website would like to offer preppers, who would like to share their stories, a platform to share their knowledge and prepper lessons with others.  Consider MaryLou who recently shared her experience living on a farm and dealing with an ice storm that caused her and her husband to become creative in keeping warm.  Or what about DB who shared his experience about how he waited too long to bugout after a local plant exploded. And then, there was Mike who shared his lessons learned from his visit to Venezuela.


You have experiences too!  Would you share them with the Preparedness Community?

How to Share Your Story with the Preparedness Community

  • rite your article – A good article should be a min. of 700 words. That’s not hard to do!
  • Include the lessons that you learned, what worked well and what you would do differently.
  • Include a bio if you would like – but you don’t have to.
  • Let us know what name you want to be used.  Feel free to use an alias.
  • Send your article to todd [dot] sepulveda [at] prepperwebsite [dot] com.
  • Provide pics if you have them, but they are not necessary.
  • We will edit the article if needed.


Your article will be posted on Ed that Matters and linked to Prepper Website.  In some cases, your article could also serve as the topic for an episode of The Prepper Website Podcast.


Again, you have lessons to share!  New and more experienced preppers can learn from what you have to share.  Be part of the Preparedness Community and share your experiences.  You never know how your experiences could help someone else in the Preparedness Community!