The Preparedness Community Speaks – Preparedness Survey

In the time I’ve run Prepper Website (2011), I’ve seen subtle shifts in the Preparedness Community.  For example, one big shift was the idea of the lone wolf survivalist. That idea has pretty much gone out the window.  Very few people could grab their “I’m Never Coming Home Bag” (INCH) and survive out in the wild. Then, preppers were preparing just for their own family, preparing to hunker down until the zombies passed their homes.  Somewhere along the lines, preppers realized in order to truly survive and thrive, they would need to link up with others.


A Preparedness Survey Can Show the Shifts in the Preparedness Community


These shifts happen because, well, reasonable people think through or experience scenarios and realize that reality looks a lot different than fiction.  Just like everything, with time and critical thinking, ideas and plans improve.


One way of sharing helpful information is by connecting with other preppers, like in the Exclusive Prepper Website Email Group, where preppers can connect through email.  But another way to learn about what preppers are thinking and what they need is to do a survey.


I’ve done several preparedness surveys throughout the years and they always provide great information about what the Preparedness Community needs.  This information helps me to pinpoint articles and podcasts for Prepper Website and the podcast.


As we start 2020, I would like to offer you, readers and listeners of Prepper Website, the opportunity to provide input through the Prepper Website Preparedness Survey below.


Thanks for being a part of the Prepper Website Community!