Preparing for Off-Grid Survival: Two Guns for $200

If you only had $200 to spend on firearms, how should you spend it?  For this hypothetical, we’ll assume you don’t yet own any firearms – a circumstance that many of our readers will not find themselves in, but nonetheless… Here are the two guns I suggest you buy first.

Gun Number One

The first purchase I suggest you make is a single-shot 12 ga. shotgun.  You can often find these for right around $100, and they’re everywhere!  If you get one that needs a little TLC, you should be able to acquire one for less than $100, easy.  The 12 ga. is a very common round that can be used to hunt a wide variety of game, from large to small.  While the single shot doesn’t make for the most tactical option for self-defense, it is a tool that you can use to defend yourself from scantily armed aggressors, such as the lone knife wielding thug.  If you stock up on primers and powder, you can reload brass shells.  You can shoot just about anything out of your reloaded shells: rocks; broken glass; marbles; small bolts, etc.  N.E.F., formerly H&R (I believe), makes an excellent break action, single-shot 12 ga. that you can find, used, in this price range.

Gun Number Two

The next gun I recommend you buy is a .22lr rifle.  Again, you can find a very sturdy used .22 rifle for right around $100.  One of the great things about the .22 is that you can stock thousands of rounds for not a lot of money (about $15 for a brick of 500 rds. if you can find it).  And the ammunition is small and lightweight, making it relatively easy to travel with a lot of ammo on your person.  The .22 is great for hunting, both large and small game.  Yes, I said it.  It’s not an ideal option, but I have heard from numerous sources that a .22, delivered to just the right spot, can take out fairly large game such as deer (Full disclosure: I have not tried this myself).  As with the single shot 12 ga., you can also use this as a light tool for self-defense.  It beats using your fists, rocks or a stick.  Marlin is just one of many companies that have been making great .22 rifles for years, and you can find one used on the cheap.

For $200, you can add two tools to your preps that I think you’ll find invaluable in a time of WROL, or in any instance where you’re trying to survive off the grid.  These guns can be used to hunt game, and even for self-defense.  They will certainly be better than nothing in serving these purposes.  If I only had $200 to spend on my first firearms, these would be the guns I would buy.  This is just my opinion, and I realize there are a number of other firearms that can be equally, if not more valuable, in the eyes of others.  Your own situation and needs will dictate what you think will be the best tools to add to your preps.


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