Prepper Mistakes

We posted on our Facebook page:

What do you think are the biggest mistakes that preppers make and how do you avoid them?
Some comments we received: 

Comment #1: Obsessing over one particular area to prepare for and not looking at the whole big picture. For example, only buying guns and ammo and expecting that to be all they need instead of realizing it is only a part of what is needed.

Comment #2: Relying on tools, instead of learning how to make tools, “Be prepared to be unprepared” is my prepper motto.

Comment #3: I personally think more time needs to be focused on physical fitness. to be genuinely prepared I believe in being able to evac relocate hunt gather etc far from home. as the tribes lived I believe each family needs scouts and hunters and first aid training. 7000 gallons of water is great but not being able to carry large weight to/from the next city is something I very rarely read about when reading interviews with prepping families.

Comment #4: Their biggest mistake is putting all their trust and faith into their own works instead of letting God take control. Yes prepping to a certain degree is a good thing but some of these people become too obsessed with it.

Comment #5: The biggest mistake I see, is where people buy all this stuff and have no clue how to use their gear or how it works. That is the biggest mistake in my book, learn how your gear works and what it doesn’t do. Always test your gear out to ensure it’s the right stuff you need. I have everything I need in my 48L backpack to stay alive, be dry and warm. I believe in being mobile is the key.

Comment #6: Simple the biggest mistake is the belief that when it happens they will be in the perfect place with all the stuff instead of caught out in the open empty handed! Want to test your metal go out in the woods at a random time with nothing in you but what’s in your pocket and see how long you last.


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