PW Product Reviews

Below you will find links to the Prepper Website product reviews.


Loftek LED Portable Floodlight – Can You See Me Now? An Affordable Portable Floodlight with Great Functions!

Survival Hax 10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain with Waterproof Pill Bottle – Your Backup EDC Kit

The WeBoost Connect 4G-X – Part 1 – Looking for Internet….

The Legacy Food Mega-Sampler Pack – Eat Well When the SHTF! Over 41,000 Calories!

The Kogalla Solar Storage Bank Review! – How Valuable Would A “TRUE” Solar Charger Be In An Emergency?

Solavore Sports Solar Oven – A good option for a Prepper’s Food Prep!

Survival Hax Survival Shovel – Breaks down to fit in your pack!

Solo Stove Titan & Solo Stove Pot 1800 – A very solidly built wood gasifier/camping stove!

Home and Mobile Battery Bank Video – A great DIY video with all the information to build your own battery bank…the RIGHT way!

Waka Waka Power Lamp – Bright, Lite & Packs a Punch!

GearGold – Super Ultralight Ramjet UL Stove – Did someone say BOB or Lightweight Backpacking?

Constitution Clothing Company – Tshirts to express your patriotism!

PredatorGuard – Protect your garden and livestock from predators.

The Wazoo Adventure Bracelet – Only the coolest survival bracelet EVER!

Conflicted – The Game – The scenario based card game that every prepper family or prepper group should have.

Inova STS Microlight – Swipe to Shine flashlight for your key chain and EDC.

Gusty Winds – Essential Pack – for your EDC; wilderness or urban

Mono Vault – for caching your firearms, food, water, supplies, etc..

Emberlit Stove – for backpacking and BOB’s.

Clean Life – No Rinse Products – perfect to keep the prepper/survivalist clean!

UVMatlite – a glowstick on steroids!

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