Realities of Bugging-Out

The following article is an excerpt from the introduction of my book, Bug-Out – Reality Vs. Hype. Hopefully it will provide you with some insight and enlightenment on the topic.

For many years now I have been following the plethora of articles, novels, and movies, in regard to Bugging-Out. I have been amazed at the hype and erroneous information being put forth, which seems to scare people more than help them. Of course, this has caused many people to have a distorted or inaccurate view in regard to what might actually occur in a real bug-out situation. Not all situations will require people to leave their home, and in those that do, it will be a short term evacuation as opposed to never coming back. I will try, with this book, to cut through the hype and provide some realistic information in regard to the realities of bugging-out.

In many books and movies, the End-Of-The-World plot seems to be the norm, not the exception. An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) takes out all electronic devices and plunges the world as we know it into an apocalyptic setting with roving bands of degenerates killing all who they come in contact with… A nuclear blast levels our society and people must try to live in the aftermath, and again it is not a pretty picture. I won’t even get into the possibility of roving bands of zombies taking over and wreaking havoc upon all who are human.

These stories seem to indicate that a bug-out situation will always involve a person leaving their home trying to get somewhere else, in order to survive. They must walk across a state or the country, and there is always major mayhem along the way, but they usually make it against all odds. Of course, this is unrealistic, as most long-term Bug-Out situations will be serious, usually cruel, and often deadly. The reality is that many probably won’t make it.

I have read many posts on various electronic media type sites, and I am always amazed at the cavalier attitudes of many people. They think they will travel unmolested because they have a gun or other weapons, and will be able to subvert all of those that wish to do them harm. I read a post where a guy recommends wearing BDU’s (battle dress uniform); because when other people see you dressed like that they will not want to mess with you. Although an almost laughable statement, this is the mind-set of many who live in an unrealistic frame of mind, and will learn the hard way when, and if, they actually deal with a real situation. There are others that seem to have a perverted belief that they will Bug-Out to the “woods” and be able to live there indefinitely, providing for all their needs, having no problem adapting to the loss of all modern conveniences. This is another unrealistic view for most.

The reality of an Armageddon situation occurring is, of course, a possibility. But the chance that a situation will arise or develop as a result of the weather, or a man-made occurrence, such as a chemical spill, is a more likely scenario which might require that one evacuate their home, if only for a short time.

Of course, with today’s society, even a short term emergency situation can provide the impetus for people to riot, loot, rape, and pillage. But in reality, many in our world don’t seem to need much of an excuse for acts of violence. For that reason, any situation can create an increased level of threat, requiring a higher sense of security awareness.

But we can’t let panic affect good common sense. Decisions must be based on real and accurate information, not on misinformation or hype. The decision to Bug-Out is a serious one, with many unforeseen risks, and not to be taken lightly. But the choice is ultimately yours, and you must always keep in mind, the moment you leave the safety of your home, you automatically become a “Refugee.”


Getting-Home for some will be more important than Bugging-Out, at least initially.

The truth of the matter is, in an emergency situation, there will be more people concerned with getting home than bugging-out. And once they are in the safety of their home, the decision to leave will be a difficult and important one. I address these issues in my book, Bug-Out – Reality Vs. Hype, allowing you to make informed decisions should such a situation develop.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and as always, Be Prepared To Survive!

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By John D. McCann


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