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Many of you are requesting that I change the mobile version of Prepper Website back to the full site version.  I wish I could do that for you, but doing so hurts the search rankings for the site.  However, requesting the desktop version of the site isn’t difficult at all.  Actually, this helpful bit of information could benefit you when you surf to other sites online.  Below I have provided information on how to “Request the Desktop version” of any site for Android and Ipad/Iphone browsers.


NOTE:The mobile version contains all the posts that are contained on the desktop version, just in a single column.


For Ipad/Iphones

According to OSXDaily, here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. From Safari, load the website mobile version that you wish to switch to a desktop site for
  2. Tap on the URL bar, then pull down from directly below the URL bar with a swipe gesture to reveal the menu options
  3. Choose “Request Desktop Site” and let the current webpage reload to the full desktop version of that site

If you would like the full tutorial, you can visit OSXDaily tutorial – Click Here.

If you would like a video tutorial – Click Here.


For Android

How-To-Geek provides a very simple steps to follow too:


“Google makes it much simpler and includes an option to enable desktop view in the default Chrome browser.  Just click on the settings menu in the upper right corner and then check “Request desktop site.”


If you would like to read the full article – Click Here – Make sure you scroll down to the section on “Disabling the Mobile Version of a Website on Android

If you would like a video tutorial – Click Here.


Having the mobile version of Prepper Website adds a new dimension to the website.  So I hope that using these steps helps to ensure that you have a good experience too.  Thank you for understanding.




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