Welcome to the Prepper Website and The Prepper Website Podcast Resource page.  You’ll find a list of items and prepper resources that I recommend for your preparedness.  Some of these items are FREE and some are items that link to affiliate sites like Amazon.


About Todd Sepulveda & Prepper Website – A little info. about the Prepper Website story.


FREE VIDEO LESSON: 3 Easy Ways to Get Started in Food Storage – Watch the video and download three helpful worksheets.  This lesson also includes an audio version of the lesson that can be downloaded and links to helpful articles, books and supplies.


The Prepper Community’s Guide to a Micro Biz and Increasing Your Finances & Forum – Being prepared costs money.  An important strategy for your preparedness and overall finances is to increase the amount of money coming into your budget.  You can do that by starting a Micro Biz!  Everyone can do it!  The eBook and Forum encourage, inspire and put you in a community of people who will be there along the way.


My Prep Journal – Do you have a prepper notebook that allows you to record all of your plans, thoughts, and checklists?  This journal contains over 100 lined pages and over 50 starter questions that will help you to get started recording your preparedness plans.  Your purchase supports Prepper Website.  Article: Five Reasons Why You Should Start a Prepper Notebook


Prepper F.A.Q. – The page is dedicated to answering Frequently Asked Questions that others have in regards to  Preppers and preparedness.  


Education After the Collapse – This is an ebook that I wrote that will walk someone through the basics of teaching reading, math, and some science.  The premise is that someone will have to teach kids how to read and do basic math in a collapse situation.


Gardening Link Bomb – I put this collection of articles together to help with gardening.  This “link bomb” covers a ton of topics!


HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter – This water filter sits on my kitchen counter and we use this for our water needs.  I like this so much that I became an affiliate.  Check out my video review HERE.


Kit Link Bomb – This is a wide collection of articles that have been curated for anyone wanting to make a bug out bag (BOB), Get Home Bag (GHB), Every Day Carry Kit (EDC) or an I’m Never Coming Home Bag (INCH).


Legacy Food Storage – If you are looking for longterm food storage, Legacy Food tastes great and the cost per serving is better than all the others.  (affiliate)


Prepper Website Tag Cloud – You can go to Google and search for a Preparedness-related topic, or you can go to the PW Tag Cloud and read articles that you know are REALLY written for the Preparedness Community and have been posted on Prepper Website.


Survival for the Common Man – I am writing a series of articles as if I was writing for someone new to preparedness.  If I had to do it all again, this is how I would want someone to show me to prep.


The Preparedness Review – The Preparedness Review is a free eJournal that includes very popular and relevant preparedness articles written by website owners in the preparedness community.  TPR was published between the Fall of 2012 and the Winter of 2014.  There are five reviews in total.