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For comprehensive preparedness in emergency situations, possessing self-defense skills is a crucial requirement. This is specifically pertinent for preppers, who during major crises, own valuable resources that others would intensely desire. To fulfill this, there are four essential self-defense and combat skills which are indispensable for every prepper.

Using a Firearm

In an extreme emergency, resorting to a firearm, such as a DSGARMS rifle for self-defense might become a necessity. While hoping such a situation never arises, it’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive. For preppers co-existing with wildlife, firearm proficiency can also assist to obtain food. Select a suitable firearm and practice thoroughly at a gun range. Additionally, learning correct gun maintenance is vital to maintain your firearm’s optimal firing condition, as it might be lifesaving in a critical situation.

Basic Martial Arts Proficiency

In an unarmed combat situation, possessing martial arts training could be your lifeline. For utmost combat readiness, forego traditional karate and consider pursuing martial arts like Israeli Krav Maga or Russian Systema. Both martial arts styles are specifically designed for modern life-or-death combat scenarios, focusing on survival by all means.

Making a Cell Phone Trip Wire

In a city survival scenario, the need to secure a building or area may arise. While setting up real alarms might not be feasible, a simple life hack using a cheap cell phone, tape, and paper can create an effective intruder alert device. Ensure to have a spare prepaid phone on hand as procuring one during an emergency could be challenging.

Disarming an Armed Opponent

An important facet of martial arts is the capability to disarm an armed individual. Although complex, mastering the art of disarming an opponent could determine survival in a genuine combat instance. The recommended method to acquire this skill is learning basic techniques and repeated practice with a partner using rubber weapon replicas. With sufficient practice, these techniques can be deployed under stressful conditions, improving the odds of success in real life.

Regardless of encountering war or starvation, mastering these skills could prove invaluable. Opt for one of the above-mentioned skills and aim to master it within the next couple of months to enhance your preparedness for any potential scenario.