Ready Nutrition Interview With Tess Pennington

Confession – I’ve been holding back on the Featured Website of the Month.  I’ve been keeping back Ready Nutrition from everyone so that I wouldn’t show any kind of favoritism. 😉  Tess was the first ever advertiser on Prepper Website.  For believing in PW before it was really off the ground, I am truly grateful!  Tess has been a great friend and I have learned a lot from her articles.  So, no more holding back….Ready Nutrition is the September Featured Website of the Month!  Thanks Tess!!!!

Summarize the focus and purpose of your website. -Hi Everyone. First of all, I’d like to thank Todd for giving me a sounding board to share my website with all of you and let you know about the future projects we have going on.

The focus of my website, is hope and empowerment  through education. I feel that when someone has the answers and solutions, they also have the confidence to go into a situation and, inevitably their chances for survival go up as a result. When I started prepping, all the information out there was fear-based. In all honesty, it made me not want to prepare at all. But, I knew that my children were looking to my husband and I for the answers, so it was up to us to make sure we were ready – for anything.

The more we started prepping, the further down the rabbit hole I went. I had found a passion in life and something that I enjoyed so much that I wanted to share it with everyone.

What made you decide to start a website? – I worked at the Red Cross for a number of years and had a disaster preparedness background, so I was always somewhat prepared. But, it took my family and I moving to Houston, TX shortly after Hurricane Ike hit to really open my eyes to how unprepared I truly was.

We were without power for two weeks and the city’s water supply was questionable, so we had to brave the crowds and buy water from the grocery stores, as well as gasoline for the generator. The entire time I was enduring this, I kept kicking myself for putting my children in this situation. I kept questioning why I wasn’t more prepared. I believe my husband was asking himself these same questions because shortly after this event was when we went prepping crazy! Isn’t it funny that it takes an event where we aren’t prepared to really wake us up out the complacency of life?

Since we had started our emergency supplies and food pantry, my husband, Mac suggested I start a blog. He had just recently started his own preparedness blog, SHTF Plan and suggested it would be a good way to organize the information that I had found and maybe help a few people out at the same time.

How long have you run your website? –

I started the site up in 2009… it seems like ages ago. I had no idea how much Ready Nutrition would change my life. Each time I would write, I was propelled deeper into an entirely new mind set. It also gave me the courage to take steps to live the life I wanted to live. What I received from going down that rabbit hole was a life of freedom waiting on the other side. I wanted to share with people that this lifestyle shift can be done.

To show other preparedness minded folk that being fully prepared can be achieved, I started the 52-Weeks to Preparedness series. I understood that the subject of preparedness was overwhelming, but it can be broken down into smaller, more manageable sections.The response was overwhelming and I am most pleased that churches have reached out and used the 52-Weeks series to teach their congregations about preparedness.

As a result of my passion for preparedness, homesteading and self-reliance, I have written over 600 articles and also authored The Prepper’s Cookbook. Since that time, we also made the decision to move out of the city and try our hands at farm life. We have been living on a small ranch in the Pacific Northwest for the past year, and are beginning to grow our own food and raise microlivestock. I gotta tell you, it’s been an amazing ride so far!

How much time do you spend dedicated to your website? -I try to spend as much time as I can on Ready Nutrition. Before I put on the hat of a writer, first I have to be a mom, chauffeur, cook, maid and gardener. So, I usually work on the site late at night.

I try and change the content up daily so that there is something new to learn on the homepage. As well, I’ve reached out to the prepper community to contribute articles to the site. Daisy Luther aka The Organic Prepper contributes regularly to Ready Nutrition through a series called Preppernomics. There is also another series called Sustainable in the City, where many preppers in the movement have contributed articles on the subject of urban preparedness. Many preppers in the field have collaborated on this project including Survival Jane, The Apartment Prepper,Survival Sherpa, and The Prepper Journal to name a few.

What is one thing you really like about your website? – I love the community that is starting to build here. A lot of the readers ask questions to one another and we all try to answer them to help eachother out. I even started an Ask Tess section on my site to accommodate these questions..

What is one thing that you want to change about your website? –  For our growing community, we’d like to create an area where they can communicate easier with one another. That’s coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows. – Todd, you’re killing me! Ok, I’ll share this – I’m a pretty good cook. Some of you may know that I wrote a cookbook. Well, one thing that I cannot make (if my life depended on it) is a casserole. My family cringes when I tell them that I made a casserole for dinner. I can never get the consistency right – it’s either too dry or too wet. For some reason, the simplified, one dish dinners isn’t in the cards for me. The casseroles that were put in my cookbook were contributed from my family. There I said it. 🙂

Other than your site, what is your favorite non-preparedness websites to visit? – On a normal day, I troll around on DrudgeReport, Reuters, Alt-Market and The Daily Sheeple to keep up with current events. I also like to go to cooking websites to get ideas for new recipes to try out – except casseroles (see previous answer). When I’m really stressed out and need a mind break, I’ll go and check out It really does me no good, but helps me take a break from everything.

Do you have anything (projects, special posts, redesign) in store for the future of your website? – We have a lot of projects coming out soon. For the last few months we have done a total overhaul on the 52-Weeks to Preparedness series and added tons of more information and plan on bringing it to market next month. It’s going to be a great resource and I encourage all of you to check it out.

Now that the changes to the website are up, we will be working out the kinks on our new Marketplace. Our goal is to keep health in mind when it comes to storing emergency foods and products.

I am also teaming up with another preparedness writer to co-author a series new ebooks.

What were the three books you last read? (Be honest)

America the Beautiful, Ben Carson, M.D.

Essays on Self Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss

What would you like to say to readers at the Prepper Website? – I believe that each of us is on our own unique journey – with one commonality. We are willing to dig in, do the work and get back to the roots of what made our country great to begin with. This commonality is what sets us apart from those who don’t consider themselves preppers. We’ve opened our eyes to the realities of the world, the natural and man made dangers that exist, and we’ve taken the responsibility to prepare our family for what may come – and to enjoy our lives while we’re doing it.  

They call this the Prepper Movement, but I feel that it is so much more than that. Through our actions, it’s helping us  teach others to be self-reliant, to learn how to live more sustainably and ultimately, take the responsibility back for the well-being of our family. So if this is the Prepper Movement, then I feel blessed to be a part of it. If I can share the knowledge (and mistakes) that I have made with all of you so that you can become stronger and better equipped at handling life’s unexpected disasters, then I am happy to do so.

Ready Nutrition is a testament to the journey that I find myself on. I want to help as many people prepare for those unexpected emergencies that may arise. I encourage all of you to check out my site, ask questions or share your knowledge with the community. After all, we can help each other learn and get better prepared.

To end, I’d like to thank Todd for this great opportunity and for working so hard on Prepper Website. As readers, we come here, day after day, to see all the good articles that you have worked so hard to find for us around the preppersphere. Thank you so much… Oh, and your website is awesome!


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