Shoot Better: The Basics of Good Bow Form


Good form is the reason why Sam Snead has over 300 top-10 finishes and why Mariano Rivera may pitch until he’s 50. It’s also what will get you to shoot your bow better. So practice the following until you can do it in your sleep:

A) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and perpendicular to the target. A lot of guys like to turn their lead toe open a bit for better stability and balance.

B) Maintain a consistent anchor point. Find where your release hand meets your face comfortably at full draw and put it in the same spot every time. And because two anchor points are better than one, drop your nose down on the string or use a kisser button.

C) Don’t grip the bow handle like it’s a hammer, which introduces torque. Instead, turn your palm up and rest the bow’s grip against the bony part of your palm’s heel, between the fleshy pads. Lower your fingers safely under the shelf, but leave your hand relaxed and open as you shoot.

D) At full draw, continuously push toward the target with your bow arm and pull away with your string arm as you squeeze the trigger. Follow through smoothly. Try not to move your head, drop your bow arm, or grab for the handle.


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