SHTF skills for barter

We posted on our Facebook page:

We received a message with the following question, what do you think? “I would like to ask a question for your subscribers, In a SHTF situation what skills do you have or do you think would be good to have that you could barter or trade for goods?”
Some comments we received: 

Comment #1: Herbs. Without access to doctors and meds, growing and producing herbal remedies could be almost priceless. Plus knowledge can’t be stolen so people would be more likely to protect you than kill you for your goods.

Comment #2: Soapmaking, cheesemaking, field cooking, how to make oil and food from willd plants, herbal medicine craft, fire making, tree tapping, how to make off grid sun stoves from old tires and frigs from clay pots.

Comment #3: Knowledge of edible/medicinal plant and fungi, distilling, fabrication/smithing, skinning and tanning, fletching and flint napping, basic good ole country hunting fishing trapping tracking.

Comment #4: Plant identification will be important in many cases…don’t want to survive the SHTF only to eat the wrong thing, also I have aquired a treadle sewing machine, no electricity required…I can manufacture and repair anything that is made with any kind of cloth, tents, to baby clothes, gotta be worth something… also I can bake, cure meat ect on an open fire.

Comment #5: I can’t afford to get “prepped” like many on here, so I have been learning skills; sewing, weaving, working on learning to spin, knit, crochet, gardening, animal husbandry, to name a few.. If we have to leave everything- that knowledge and skills stay with me.


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