Sigma 3’s Survival Shelter Lean To

In this video Sigma 3 demonstrates for us how to create a cold and wet weather survival shelter with a custom bed and fire place. This is more of a permanent camp shelter verses an on the go survival shelter. It would be great for camping with your buddies or just to get away from the world for a while. This video will not show you how to do this with just a knife, even though it is possible. It will just take a lot more work. He does recommend bringing some bigger tools to build this shelter.

The fire pit is different than most I have seen. It shows how to run it through the shelter long ways so you have to cut less wood and can save your energy. He also touches on how to add a door to close the shelter up to make it wind proof if you choose or to contain the heat. After all, this is a cold weather shelter.

Sigma 3 Survival school has many more videos on their YouTube as well as their own website and Facebook page. Their school also has an option to learn how to become a survival instructor.


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