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It looks like Flare Aware no longer exists… You should visit Suspicious Observers instead.

Solar Flare Awareness.  What is it worth?

How much would you pay to be alerted of a possible catastrophic scenario?  Earlier this year I signed up for FlareAware’s service.  For $12 a year, you can have access to their website, with a Dashboard that provides you with updates and resources.  But the most important benefit for me are the text messages to your cellphone that a solar flare has been detected!

Just recently I received a text message and it kind of freaked me out…I’ve read the books.  I was able to get on my computer and check the dashboard for more info.  The flare was a serious one, but the CME then got downgraded.  But what if?

We always think about the BIG ONE.  But have you ever thought about other disruptions for people with pacemakers  or hikers who are out backpacking with their GPS?

FlareAware is on Twitter and Facebook.  They update both of their social media tools.  However, it isn’t ever guaranteed that you will be on at the same time they update.

To me, the $12/year is worth it!  For more info.  Check out their website – FlareAware.

This is an example of the kind of update you would find on your dashboard.

Breaking News Alerts

**All Subscribers** **July 13th, 2012 UPDATE**ETA JULY-14 around 9:00AM**-National Weather Service has adjusted ETA and it’s predictions of only Minor G1 geomagnetic storming to chances of Moderate G2 geomagnetic storming throughout the day after arrival.-Also, experts have noted a degradation of AR2015 though it still has retained a capacity for flaring, chances of major flaring is limited. 

**UPDATE**Earth Directed CME Detected in association with X1.4 Flare**ETA JULY-14 around 6:20AM**-A CME WATCH has been issued due to the size of the Flare and associated CME though only geomagnetic storming of a Minor G1 level is currently expected by the National Weather ServiceNote that geomagnetic storming of up to Severe G4 levels is possible (Please refer to NOAA Space Weather Scales for further information on the effects of space weather and geomagnetic storms)

With all the info. about our Sun being so active, I feel this is the best $12 I’ve spent in preps for piece of mind.  This might just give me the time I need to put things in place before a serious storm hits. FlareAware

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  1. douey July 15th, 2012 at 1:35 am

    This is from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology.


  2. Todd - Prepper Website July 15th, 2012 at 5:49 am

    @Douey – That’s a good one. Here is a Youtube channel that I monitor.


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