Spices and Herbs to Store for Survival and Why

herb spices

Spices are not only used to improve the taste of our food, they can also be used for survival situations. There are spices that can be used for medicinal purposes and as insect repellent.

When storing spices, it is important to know that spices that have been stored for a long time won’t make you sick, they just lose their zest. Keep up the potency of spices by storing them properly: in air tight containers and in cool spaces. Don’t store them where there is moisture like near a stove or sink.

To make sure that your stored spices are still good, pour a little in your hand then examine it. Check the color, check the aroma if it is still strong, and check the flavor if it is still good. If the flavor, smell, and taste are weak, it is time for you to use it or just throw them into the trash.

Indian spice, chili peppers, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, cinnamon, oregano, paprika, curry, and ginger are examples of spices that have a strong odor when cooked. So avoid cooking them if you don’t want to be detected, especially if you are hiding from other people. Cayenne, curry, and garlic are spices that can be used for medicinal purposes.

Spices and herbs: the difference!

Spices are:

  • dried seeds(mustard)
  • fruits(juniper berries)
  • roots(ginger)
  • bark(cinnamon)
  • dried flower buds(cloves)

Herbs are leaves of the plants.

  • Rosemary
  • Chives
  • mint pastel oregano
  • parsley

It is better to buy whole spices than ground spices. Whole spices can retain their flavors in 3 or more days, while ground spices lose their flavors quickly. Ground spices only last for 3 years. You can grind whole spices using a peppermill or mortar and pestle. Spices that are crushed with mortar and pestle are healthier to eat and they taste better.

Freeze dried herbs retain a high nutritional value.

Spices for your food:


Mix saffron to your rice to make it tastier.


Adds flavor to your beans


Garlic is a good source for antioxidants. Rub garlic on your body and it will repel mosquitoes.

Cream of tartar

Help you whip egg whites

Herbs and spices for insects and pests:


If you want to get rid of cockroaches, use catnip. Catnip makes cockroaches cower.


Helps you get rid of those pesky red ants.


Peeled cucumbers drive away crickets and ants.

Powdered cloves

Help deter pests.


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