Do you have an article or video that you have found on the internet, a website that is interesting or a podcast that you can’t go without? If we don’t have it listed, let us know so we can put it up on the Prepper Website.

I often get asked about what type of articles I look for when posting/linking from the Prepper Website.  Here is a little bit of criteria that I use for myself.

1. I don’t link to articles that are reviews

2. I don’t link to articles that are basically a journal entry… “Today we….”

3. I do link to articles that teach/describe/detail a certain skill

4. I do link to articles that provide information that would be helpful to a vast amount of readers

Please understand that I monitor a lot of preparedness related websites, podcasts and Youtube channels.  I try to spread the love a little.

I hope that helps.

If you are a webmaster and would like to get your articles some exposure, I would welcome you to post your articles on the PW Facebook page.  You are free to link preparedness related articles there.  The PW Facebook Page.

Feel free to send an email to Prepper Website.


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