Sugar To Cure Fish

Preppers. Did you know that fish may be preserved in a dry state, and perfectly fresh, by means of sugar alone, and even with a very small quantity? Fresh fish may be kept in that state for many days, so as to be as good when boiled, as if just caught. If dried, and kept free from moldiness, there seems no limit to their preservation; and they are much better in this way than when salted. The sugar gives a good flavor. This process is particularly valuable in making what is called “kippered salmon”; and the fish preserved in this manner are far superior in quality and flavor to those which are salted or smoked. You can salt to give the taste that you require. In the preservation it is necessary to open the fish, and to apply the sugar to the muscular parts, placing it in a horizontal position for two or three days, Allow the sugar to penetrate. After this it may be dried; and it is only further necessary to wipe and ventilate occasionally,to prevent moldiness. A tablespoonful of brown sugar is sufficient in this manner for a salmon of five or six pounds. If salt is desired, a teaspoonful or more may be added. Saltpeter may be used instead, in the same proportion, (for flavoring). Take Care and SYOTOS. Jiske-h (Ghost)


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