Survival bracelets uses

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Daniel Burks asked below: “I see survival bracelets everywhere. I have had to explain what 550 cord is and what the purpose of the bracelet is. What emergency would you use yours for if stranded? (Snare)”Some comments we received:

Comment #1: Most often “farm welding” on a snowmobile ski or ATV steering rod. Things like that.

Comment #2: Tie it between two points such as trees to make a shelter using materials around such at branches and other foliage.

Comment #3: My favorite use is a conversation starter. The other day I found myself camping/fishing and without a way to tie my bait bucket to the dock that was a few feet out of the water and left my main cordage back at camp. Since I make my own paracord bracelet, I was able to unravel it and tie up my bait bucket and fish with my live bait enjoying their new surroundings and didn’t have to hike back t camp 2.3 miles. Sure I could have hopped off the dock and walked around to the bucket every time I needed a new piece of bait but it helped out in a pinch. When I was done fishing I remade my bracelet and its back on my wrist and looks the same.

Comment #4: There are hundreds of uses. I made a knit cap out of paracord. Use it as a Tourniquet, belt, shoe laces, way to hang food off the ground away from bears and critters, lash some logs together for a raft, splint a broken limb, the possibilities are endless.

Comment #5: Their usefulness (as with most things) are only limited by the amount of knowledge, training, & injinuity you obtain.


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