Survival Shelter

Check out this take on a survival shelter. Several photos of its construction are included, and the maker says it is very warm when completed (there is a fire pit in the center). This is about mid-way in construction:



Commenter #1: That looks better insulated & more comfortable than the first apartment I rented !!!

Commenter #2: Makes a good signal fire also.

Commenter #3: nice, if you have that kind of time to build

Commenter #4: Otherwise known in survival circles as a “debris shelter” or “debris hut”….easily built after consideration is given to location…..hopefully high ground with no overhanging potential deadfalls….covered with a minimum of 3′ of available forest “debris” and including debris on the floor for additional warmth…..they can also include a fire pit with an opening for smoke….often including a “door” to maintain heat…


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