Thank You Weekend

Feb. 10, 2012

I wanted to take this weekend to thank everyone who has supported The Prepper Website since the launch on Sept. 19, 2011.  The first post said – “I spend a lot of time surfing the internet, learning and gathering information from many different websites.  As I do, I realize that this valuable information would be great to share with others in one organized place.  This website is my attempt to do that.


Since then, the website has really grown in readership.  As of this writing, the Alexa ranking for The Prepper Website in the U.S. is 61,988 and 561,098 in the world.  This is all due to all of you who are visiting the site on a regular basis and spreading the word around the internet.  I really appreciate your help in continuing to get the word out….leaving links on websites, forums, word of mouth, Twitter, Facebook and email.  The mission of The Prepper Website is to provide links to quality articles and websites that focus on preparing for emergencies, survival, homesteading, simple life and alternative news.  With your help, more and more people can have easy access to preparedness websites and articles.


I would also like to thank the advertisers and sponsors.  Please take a moment to click on their links (pic and text) and visit their websites.


Lastly, I really appreciate the kind emails and feedback that I get from readers.  It’s always cool to get some positive feedback.  If you haven’t already and are willing, take a moment to follow me on Twitter and LIKE the Facebook page.