The Best Blogs Of 2013

The Best Blogs of

I am proud to present the best blogs of 2013. There are no awards, certificates or rankings.

They are just typed here in no particular order. However, they are all current blogs (I hate dead blogs! They are sad, outdated and sometimes wrong. It’s like the person just went off and left without taking their stuff with them) and they are all blogs I read and learn from.

The world of blogging is becoming commercialized. I am not talking about bloggers trying to pay for hosting, supplies and perhaps being compensated a bit for their time. I’m talking about companies owning different blogs in different niches.

Companies snatch up successful blogs to try and cash in when bloggers become burnt out, are tired of  keeping up a website, or just can not afford to blog any more. It is sorta like the conglomerates taking over the farms. This is especially true when you encounter blogs that have more than one author or are the type of blog that gathers blog posts from other sources and really do not write their own content.

In any case, you have got to know who is writing what you are reading before you give them your trust. I know a lot of these ;bloggers (but not all) and talk to them outside of their blog. No, they are not listed because they are my friends, well, maybe that is not entirely true. They are listed in part because I know the blogger and I know the information is reliable. But rest assured, if my a friend of mine has a blog I do not read and learn from it is not listed. The bloggers I do not know personally I have followed for sometime and have a respect for their writing. Even though I might not agree with all the people on this list (friend or not) all the time I am confident they are genuine in their opinions and knowledge.


  1. Home Ready Home
  2. The Mom With a Prep
  3. Prepared Housewives
  4. Prepared Christian
  5. The Apartment Prepper
  6. Geek Prepper
  7. The Organic Prepper
  8. Ed That Matters


  1. Backyard Pioneer
  2. Common Sense Homesteading
  3. Mountain Woman Journals
  4. Florida Hillbilly
  5. Suburban Steader
  6. The Prairie Homestead
  7. Lil’ Suburban Homestead


  1. Mike the Gardner
  2. Eat Weeds
  3. The Dirt Doctor
  4. Urban Organic Gardener
  5. Grow Your Own Groceries


  1. Survival Sherpa
  2. The Survival Mom
  3. The Survival Doctor
  4. Survival News Online
  5. Backdoor Survival
  6. Survival at Home


  1. The HomeScholar
  2. Penelope Trunk Homeschooling
  3. Confessions Of A Homeschooler
  4. Jimmie’s Collage
  5. Free Homeschool Deals

Food storage

  1. Food Storage and Survival
  2. Food Storage Made Easy
  4. Food Storage Moms
  5. Simply Canning


  1. Bloom and Doom
  2. Peak Prosperity
  3. The Survival Podcast
  4. The Survival Mom Radio Hour


  1. Growing Your Greens
  2. Patriot Nurse
  3. News in 2 Minutes
  4. MainePrepper


  1. Whole New Mom
  2. Frugally Sustainable


  1. Prepper Website
  2. Back to Eden
  3. Preparedness Review

Alternative News/Insights

  1. Peak Prosperity
  2. The Economic Collapse
  3. SHTF Plan
  4. GreeneWave TV
  5. Drudge Report
  6. Matt Walsh


  1. Nienie Dialogues
  2. Jefferson Bethke
  3. The MOB Society (moms of boys)
  4. Nick Vujicic
  5. Club 31 Women

Happy New Year!!


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