The Greatness Of Booze

Aside from the obvious, Booze is a good thing to Prep. Some reasons are:

1) Sterilization. It kills microorganisms by denaturing proteins and the most effective alcohol preparations contain 60-95% alcohol. (I am more of a 100+, kind of guy.)

2) Diluted it can be used as a cleaning solution.

3) Great Bartering tool. Just because SHTF, doesn’t mean people will give up their vices. (Yeah, prep some smokes too. In the Field in the Army, you could almost name your price…lol)

4) Take a little snort (For medicinal purposes of course). But, when you take a little shot, have a second one for your friend Ghost.

I personally like rum, but clear, unflavored Vodka is the choice of the day. Around here I get a 1/5th of “110 Vodka” for $9.60. A pint is around $5.00. Pints will be easier to trade. Take care and SYOTOS. – Jiske-h (Ghost)


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