The Preparedness Planner

When I started this book  I thought it would take me a few weeks. Well, that quickly turned into a few months. I  did not want to leave anything out!

The preparedness planner is the most comprehensive storage planner and record keeper on the market.  Although it starts off as a downloadable PDF (you print it out) once your data is entered it becomes a non-electronic (no computer programs required) food storage and food rotation record keeper, which cannot be found anywhere else.

This planner also lets you keep track of water storage, bug-out bags, your important documents, medical supplies, toiletries and cleaners, seeds and plants, animal and pet supplies plus your gear and tools. It is 87 pages that will help you keep track of your preps as well as their rotation.

The Preparedness

It’s completely flexible; you print out the pages that pertain to the things you want to store and track.

The Preparedness

Since food storage is often the most complicated part of prepping there are 42 pages filled with food storage planning options in this 87 page planner.  Print only the pages you need. There are forms for building your food supply, writing your shopping lists, a balance sheet for food rotation, expiration date sheets, and even a sheet to keep track of your freezer inventory. Also be sure and check out the Preparedness Planner Essential Oil Edition and The Preparedness Planner Firearm Edition.

The Preparedness

The rest of the planner is dedicated to keeping track of your other preps. Keep track of when you rotated your water supply. Keep track of when you changed out your bug-out bag gear depending on the season. Even keep track of the seeds you are saving from your garden year after year. There are also forms to keep track of your pet/animal supplies, important documents, medical supplies and toiletries and cleaners.

The Preparedness

The Preparedness Planner also comes with extensive lists that suggest items to place in storage. Great for people just starting to build their preps. There is a full list of important documents. At the beginning of each section there are tips and explanation about the topic covered. The Preparedness Planner also comes with complete step-by-step directions.

In This Video I explain The Preparedness Planner In Even More Depth:


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