The Prepper Next Door

Coming to grips with the idea that one has to prep is usually a slower process than we like to admit.  It might take many conversations, a few experiences with natural disasters or you might get to it through some sort of “gateway drug” (gardening, firearms, financial uncertainty).  But when it happens, at least for me, the desire to learn and understand as much information as possible is usually the course of action.

The Prepper Next Door – A Practical Guide for Disaster And Emergency Planning by Charlie Palmer might be the book for the newbie prepper.

Palmer looks at prepping from a “regular guy” perspective.  In his book, he tackles the important areas to consider when prepping: water, food, firearms, first-aid and many more.  The book includes 15 chapters, resource pages and a decent index.  The book is 303 pages.  The chapters in the book include:

  • Bug Out or Hunker Down

  • Let Me Breath The Air

  • Water: The Tonic of Life

  • Food

  • The Prepper Porta Potty

  • Let There Be A Lot of Light

  • Oh, My Aching Head (First Aid

  • Guns

  • Personal and Home Defense

  • Of Fireblocking and Basements

  • Getting In Touch With Your Inner Hoarder

  • Your Bug Out Bag

  • Rescue Bag

  • Road Warrior or Road Trip (Bug Out Vehicle)

  • Not Everybody’s Cut Out to Raise Chickens

My Thoughts:

Palmer provides the reader with a lot of content.  This book is not a little pamphlet, that’s for sure!  Palmer provides resources throughout the book, websites and products that might be of interest to the “Next Door Prepper.” He is thorough in covering the information that he provides.

Again, the audience of the book is the regular guy “next door.”  I take this to mean the guy who knows that preparedness is a good thing, but doesn’t want to be identified with conspiracy theorist, survivalist, “those people”  you know, think the suburbanite who has the mid-income job, drives an SUV and has the 2.4 kids in tow AND they, self-admittingly, won’t ever be prepared to be without the creature comforts of modern life no matter what.

What is missing is the how-to.  After reading this book, the reader will have to go research for himself the areas of preparedness that are more interesting or specifically needed for his/her situation.  Also, for those needing a visual of what they are reading about, they won’t find any in this book…not one picture!

I would give this book to anyone who is asking a lot of questions about preparedness, but who won’t be scared away by the overwhelming ideas and implications it brings.  This book will help give them a good foundation and set them on the path to prep.

The book can be purchased at Amazon – Click Here.

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