The Prepper’s Blueprint

The Prepper's Blueprint by Tess Pennington

The Prepper’s Blueprint by Tess Pennington

In these hard economic times, people want to make sure that they make smart, worthwhile purchases. Tess Pennington’s new book, The Prepper’s Blueprint, available in paperback for under $25, is packed with value.


Pennington writes, “My purpose in all of this is not to promote fear and doom, or to teach others to hide from life, but to help others be aware that disasters do in fact exist and can affect us. Moreover, my goal is to teach others that they can find freedom through self-reliance.”


Pennington draws on her years of experience as a preparedness writer to deliver a manual that will take the reader from the first baby-steps of prepping to extended, long-term scenarios. In fact, her book is divided into three “layers.” Each layer consists of the important categories that each prepper should consider.


Layer 1 deals with “Immediate Needs.” Chapters deal with: Planning, 2 Weeks of Food & Water, Basic Tool List, Medical, Communication and nine other chapters. Layer 2 deals with “Short Term Preparedness” Chapters in Layer 2 deal with: Spiritual, Mental, Medical (bigger list), Tools (more involved than Layer 1), Water, Food Preservation and 11 other chapters. Layer 3 deals with “Long Term Preparedness.” Chapters in this final layer consist of: Fitness and Nutrition, Inventory Management, One Month of Food Storage, Essential Fats, Sugars and 19 more chapters!


Each chapter begins with an introduction that might include a news story, illustration or even a quiz. Throughout each chapter, Pennington has included tips and extras that provide valuable information. Chapters are also packed with links that the reader can visit to further research topics. Of course, you’ll have to enter links into your web browser manually since you want to purchase the paperback version as a hardcopy of the book. Chapters conclude with a section on “Preps to Buy” and “Action Items” that the reader can work through towards their preparedness plans.


Who Should Buy This Book?


New Preppers – If you are new to prepping, The Prepper’s Blueprint will provide you with a wealth of information at your fingertips. You will want to highlight, bookmark and make notes all the way through this book.


Preppers Wanting to Startup a Conversation – If you are a prepper who wants to subtly open up conversations with others about prepping, then The Prepper’s Blueprint can help. The book is huge (look at the pic above where I’m holding it) and the front cover is interesting and will draw attention. Placing this book down on a coffee table or some other strategic location will surely get someone to start thumbing through it and/or asking questions.


For A Gift – At under $25, The Prepper’s Blueprint would make a great gift to give to someone who is starting to think about prepping.


Those On Gateway Drugs (Guns & Gardening) – Don’t laugh! Seriously, anyone who is starting to get into guns and gardening are dabbling in gateway drugs to prepping. I’ve seen it happen! And since The Prepper’s Blueprint talks about food storage, gardening, healthy living and self-defense and home security, it is a no brainer!


Pennington’s book can be purchased on Amazon. I would highly recommend that you purchase the paperback/hard copy if you are going to buy it.  Get the Prepper’s Blueprint on Amazon!

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