The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage

by: Gaye Levy

Not too long ago my brother asked me about purchasing some MRE’s.  “Why would you want to do that?” I asked.  The only long-term food storage that he was familiar with was MRE’s.  Because he knows that our world is so fragile and he now has a family that depends on him, he wanted to put away some food for emergencies.

I talked him through some of the options out there, but I really pushed the rice and beans in mylar lined buckets with O2 absorbers first.  This is cheap and easy to do.  I sent him some links from PW, articles and videos.  But if he was to ask me today, how to go about starting a food storage program, I would just get him the new book by Gaye Levy, The Prepper’s Guide to  Food Storage.

This is a no nonsense book.  It’s a quick read, concise, has all the info. that you would need and comes from someone I know really believes in preparedness!  In the book, Levy covers: The 20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage, Tips for Building An Emergency Food Supply,  Common Food Mistakes and Moving Beyond Pre-Packaged Foods.

You can surf all over the internet and find this stuff, or you can spend the very reasonable $3.99 and have it in a concise e-book form that lays it all out for you.  The book is 59 pages long and can be purchased at Amazon.

Make sure to visit Gaye’s website – Backdoor Survival for great preparedness articles.

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