The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide

Creek Stewart has done it again!  After the success of Build the Perfect Bug-Out Bag, Creek Stewart has released his newest book, The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide.  This book is one that you want to have in your hands…or in your bug-out bag.

In The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide, Stewart, a fan of the popular Hunger Games Trilogy, has written a “bridge book” that will reach many individuals that wouldn’t pick up a wilderness survival book.  But this isn’t just for fans of The Hunger Games.  This book is 100% wilderness survival!  One of the best that I have read.

The title of the book is a really fair description of what you will find.  One might think that a wilderness survival instructor and author might throw a few paragraphs in his book about The Hunger Games and suffice that to justify using The Hunger Games” in the title of his book.  But Fans of The Hunger Games Trilogy will be thoroughly pleased to know that Stewart links every chapter and survival skill to skills that Katniss, Peeta or many of the other characters in the book might use to survive.  So be it the Cornucopia, The Capitol, District 12, the GameMakers, or a number of other places, scenarios or characters in The Hunger Games, fans will immediately know what Stewart is talking about and see the relevance of the survival skill that they are reading.

But, if you take out all the references to The Hunger Games, you would still have an awesome wilderness survival book, one that any prepper or survivalist would want to have with them in their bug-out bag or just going into the wilderness.

The book has 9 chapters and covers: Survival Mentality, Shelters, Water, Fire, Tools, Hunting & Gathering, First Aid, Navigation and Building a Survival Kit.  The book also has a good resource section with links and info. to help any “tribute” make it.  Every chapter has plenty of pictures with descriptions as well as Survival Quick Tips (Sent by Your Sponsor – of course) that provides the reader with even more survival knowledge.  The Quick Tips are set off by a little parachute, just like in the book – see pic below.  

For more ideas of what you can expect in Stewart’s writings, you can download a free copy of The Preparedness Review – Spring 2013 edition.

I say this is a “bridge book” because diehard fans of the trilogy will be more willing to pick this book up than any other regular wilderness survival book.  The references to The Hunger Games will keep them hooked as they read about survival skills.  The book provides the “how-to” that the Trilogy wouldn’t have time to cover effectively.

The book is $10.53 on Amazon and worth every penny! 

Creek Stewart is the owner of Willow Haven Outdoor, a world renowned Survival and Disaster Preparedness Training Facility.  Creek is a frequent guest survival expert in the media and has been featured on/in Fox & Friends,, Backpacker Magazine,, WGN-TV, and countless radio and on-line events. Creek also hosts a monthly Survival Segment on WISH-TV 8 in Indianapolis.