Using Essential Oils for Children’s Health

sick child Using Essential Oils for Childrens Health

Earlier this week I shared a video with you in which I showed which essential oils I was using for a cold I caught over the holidays.  I am happy to report that I am feeling much better, and I continue to use the oils and Vitamin D to ensure the cold doesn’t return!

I don’t have kids yet, but I can only imagine the stress that mothers and fathers must experience when their little ones are ill.  Lost sleep, lost time at school for the kids and at work for parents, and lost time and money at the doctor’s office for yet another prescription of antibiotics and other drugs.

For this week’s article, I decided to ask some of my clients with children to share how they are using YL essential oils to help their children feel better more quickly in a natural way and avoid endless rounds of drugs.

I hope you find their stories helpful!

– Julie =)


“My husband and I had our son in 2009. Within days I got sick. Our family passed viruses and infections around for the next 15 months. We had been on such an overabundance of antibiotics and other medicine from the doctors that we felt toxic to say the very least. Here we were blessed with this beautiful child and neither of us knew what it was like to feel good or enjoy anything anymore.

We went to the doctor over and over and even saw different doctors. All they wanted to do was prescribe medications and we never really got beyond just barely getting better before we would get sick again.

I researched illnesses and medicines and everything I could think of looking for solutions to our problems. Some of the medicines they had put us on seemed to be making us worse. There had to be a better way. There had to be something that could help our family to not only heal but to get stronger.

I had never been a hippie or a naturalist or an anti-medicine person but I knew that the amount of medicine our family had been on was not good. The body metabolizes all of that through your liver, kidneys and pancreas and there is only so much they can take! I began to look for things that could take the place of medicines that would not be as harmful on the body, things that could be processed easier and help us to build immunity and stabilize our health in the process.

I researched extensively and kept coming back to essential oils and herbal remedies until finally one day I decided the only way I was going to find out if they really worked was to try them.”

– Traci Carpenter, mother of 1 1/2

Traci Carpenter Using Essential Oils for Childrens Health







“My kids will constantly ask me for oils. ‘Mom can we diffuse (insert oil)?’. If they don’t feel well they immediately ask for the spicy oil (Thieves) to be rubbed on them. I’ve used lavender and Thieves to bring down a fever from 103.5 to 101.2 in less than 2 hours.”

– Shannon Carter, mother of 4 1/2

Shannon Carter Using Essential Oils for Childrens Health







“I have 8 yr old twins and Elizabeth in pre-K was in the doctors office at least once a month with ear infection. I used 4 drops lavender and tea tree oil in 1/2 oz of olive oil in front of and in back of ear. She has not had a serious ear infection for 3-4 years now. When she starts to get one I pull out the mix and get rid of it.

When my girls start running a fever from a cold I put a couple drops of Thieves oil on their feet. Their fever is gone quickly and the cold is stopped in it’s tracks or shortened to a day or two. If the cold involves a cough I give them a Thieves lozenge to suck on.

Kathryn the other half gets migraines. Usually at the start of a cold. I place lavender oil across the forehead and on the stomach to stop the migraine before it gets to the point of her throwing up.”

– Victoria Mareth, mother of 2

Victoria Mareth Using Essential Oils for Childrens Health


“We started using YL oils almost a year ago, when we were desperate to break the never-ending cycle of kids passing sickness on to each other during cold months (which would often extend into late spring), so we could have a pleasant enjoyable vacation to CA in February. I got Thieves first and started using it right away on kids’ feet. Since then, our kids rarely get sick, and if they do, it’s only if they don’t tell me about their first symptoms. Still, I try to use Thieves as soon as I know they are getting sick, and their cold either clears right up, or only lasts for a day or two, and stays very mild. I apply Thieves to their feet in the morning and in the evening, and keep applying it for extra day or two after the symptoms are gone (if I don’t, the cold can come back).

When someone has sore throat, I make sure to dilute Thieves and put it on their necks every hour or so. Again, within a day the soreness goes away. I do the same if they ever feel their ears are starting to hurt. Haven’t had any ear infections after we started to use oils, and if they feel any sign of soreness in their ears, I apply diluted (1 drop Thieves with 4 drops of EV olive or coconut oil) on the front part of the ear canal and behind the earlobe.

Whenever kids have any sign of unsettled stomach, I rub peppermint into their tummies. They go right back to sleep, or forget about the issue within a few minutes. Maya sometimes get headaches, so a bit of peppermint on her neck, as well as letting her take a couple of deep inhales of peppermint oil usually takes care of that. I don’t use anything for fevers in general, but once in a while, when someone’s fever get pretty high and the child has trouble sleeping restfully, I put a drop of peppermint on her feet, and it lowers the fever by a few degrees over the course of 1-2 hours, not too fast and not too much, which is how it should be.

And you know about Anya and her breathing/suspected gluten-related (and sometimes triggered by cold) asthma episodes at night. I use diluted RC on her chest and back, frankincense on her feet, or vise-versa. I just improvise with those two oils icon smile Using Essential Oils for Childrens Health  I also used myrtle last time with those two (which I know RC already contains) and it seemed to boost the effect. Once she’s able to go back to sleep, I put diffuser with those oils in the bedroom and she sleeps well for the rest of the night.”

– Olya Nelson, mother of 4
Olya and Maya Using Essential Oils for Childrens Health








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