This is my first ever product review.  I’m so glad that it is the UVMatlite.  After having it in my possession for a few days, I feel I can endorse this product without pause.

I first was introduced to the UVPaqlite products at the Self Reliance Expo in Dallas in February 2012.  I was intrigued by the products that were displayed, so I decided to stop by their booth to check it out.  They had a tent setup that a few people could walk in and stand in complete darkness.  In the tent, you got to see the UVPaqlite in all its “brightness.”  I was impressed!

The UVMatlite

The UVPaqlite is a glowstick on steroids.  It comes in many different forms: tubes, vacuum pouches, necklaces, glow dots, nitelites and the matlite.

These products are the perfect product for the prepper.  They don’t run out of batteries, can be used over and over and are portable.

The UVMatlite is a 5.5” x 8.5” and 1/4” thick.

I have had the UVMatlite by my bedside for the last few nights.  It puts off enough light for me to get around the room.  I could actually read with it.  Of course, it isn’t a flashlight, and I wouldn’t use it as a reading light, but in a pinch, it will work.  The UVMatlite has 1 hole drilled into every corner.  It is perfect for mounting or tying it down.

The UVMatlite could be used as a nitelite in a bedroom, in a tent on a campout, as a light source when the power goes out, hung around the neck when walking at night….the possibilities are endless.

The UVMatlite should be in every preppers bug out bag or get home bag.  It is affordable and indefinitely reusable.  It sells for $34.95 and worth every penny.  Visit the website for more info. www.uvpaqlite.com

The UVMatlite is very flexible

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