Waka Waka Power Lamp

Waka Waka Power Lamp

Waka Waka Power Lamp

The first couple of times I went out to my dad’s place, I took everything that I thought I would need. My dad would roll his eyes sometimes, but being prepared is being prepared. Since then, I have trimmed back some of the stuff I usually take. However, I still aim to be prepared for whatever might arise!


Dad’s property is off-grid, so when the sun goes down, our lights come out. This last time out I took the Waka Waka Power Lamp! I’m very impressed!


The Waka Waka Power Lamp has two LED lights that can be controlled to three different light settings from 5 to 75 lumens. The WWPL is the size of a regular sized smartphone, so it is pretty flat and doesn’t take up a lot of room. The lamp comes with a built in stand. The configurations on the box show it standing on its own, on top of a bottle (2 litter) and even hanging from a string from above.


The main draw of the Waka Waka Power Lamp is that it is a solar charged light lamp. But this isn’t your normal solar powered light. This light put out more light than my dad’s lantern. It lit up the whole side of our container! In my bedroom at home, sitting on my nightstand, the light provides enough light to see the whole room easily!


There are several small lights on the top of the WWPL. You can easily see 4 in one line. When they are all green, the WWPL is at full charge. As the WWPL is used, the lights will go away. Opposite the 4 green lights is a very small light that only flickers when the WWPL is receiving a solar charge.

Waka Waka Power Lamp Lights

Waka Waka Power Lamp Lights


Besides providing a very powerful lamp, the WWPL is also a small electronics charger. The WWPL comes with a 2200 mAh battery. It connects to any small electronics with a microUSB connection.


In my trial, I charged my cellphone from “red” to about 3/4 of a full charge. I wanted to make sure that I had enough power to use the light at night. That cellphone charge took the WWPL to 2 green lights. I had more than enough full power light at night!


The WWPL can also be charged via an AC connection. I have done this using my cellphone charger.


The specs from the Waka Waka website are below. However, I would say here, that I highly recommend this piece of equipment. Weighing only 200 grams, this won’t add significant weight to your bag!


The last thing that I will point out is that the WWPL runs about $80. You might consider that a little bit expensive. However, Waka Waka is a socially conscious company. For every 1 WWPL they sell, they give one away to a needy family in a developing country! At the writing of this review, WakaWakas on given away = 73,574, people impacted = 411,405! I can get behind that!


To purchase the Waka Waka Power Lamp – Checkout Amazon!



Solar charge time:
full battery in 12 – 24 hour
AC Power:
100% full in ~ 6 hours

LED burn time on full charge:
• Super Bright 10 hrs > 70 lumen
• Bright 20 hrs > 35 Lumen
• Medium 40 hrs > 17 Lumen
• Energy Save 150 hrs > 5 lumen

Smartphone charge:
120% (based on iPhone 5s)

Special features:
• Auto energy saving mode
• Auto detect
• LED brightness control
• SOS emergency beacon
• Use light and charger simultaneously

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