Weeds You Can Eat in a Survival Scenario

Being able to identify the different weeds that you can eat in a survival scenario can be a huge help, in fact it can save your life. There are weeds that you can use for food or for medicinal purposes. Here is a list of weeds that you can eat in a survival scenario.















This edible weed is found in most continents. All of the parts of the plant can be eaten, but be very careful on the spines on some of the leaves. The leaves of this weed contain oxalic acid and it can contain a huge amount of nitrates if grown in a soil that is rich with nitrate. Boil amaranth before eating it to remove the oxalic acid and nitrates on the leaves. Do not drink the water that you have used in boiling the plant.


You can find clovers anywhere and most people don’t know that clovers are edible. Clovers are easy to spot because of their distinctive trefoil leaflets. Clovers can be eaten raw or you can boil it.


Cattails are normally found near the edges of freshwater wetlands. The rootstock or the rhizomes of this plant can be eaten raw or you can boil it. You can find its rootstock underground; wash off all the mud thoroughly before eating it. You can also eat the stem and leaves raw or boiled.

Curled Dock

Curled Dock is usually found in different parts of Europe, North America, South America and Australia. This plant has a long, bright red stalk and can grow to a height of 3 feet. The stalk of this plant can be eaten raw or boiled, make sure to peel off the outer layer of the stalk before eating it. The leaves must boil several times; you have to change water several times too. Boiling the leaves will remove the bitter taste on them.


People usually get rid of dandelions in their lawns, but when you are caught in a survival scenario, this obnoxious weed can save your life. You can eat all the parts of this plant. Young leaves taste better than the mature leaves, so you will have to boil the mature leaves first before eating them. The roots must be boiled first before eating them and you can drink the water used to boil the roots as a tea.


Plantains are found in all parts of the world, this plant is used as food or for medicinal purposes. You can see plantains in lawns, along the roads or in wet areas. The young leaves of a Plantain plant tastes better than the mature leaves, so it is best to eat the leaves when they’re young. This edible weed is a good source of Vitamins A, C and Calcium.

You need to familiarize yourself with the different weeds that you can eat in a survival scenario. Take note that there are weeds that must be avoided. Learn to identify first the plant if it is safe to eat or not. You have to avoid plants that have milky or discolored sap, spines, fine hairs or thorns, bitter or soapy taste. You must also avoid plants with almond scent in the leaves or in the woody parts. You can also apply the Universal Edibility Test to see and make sure that the plant is safe to eat.


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